Misfiring, and when revving the engine tach goes down to zero. And a sound like marbles rattling in exhaust pipe in front of catalytic converter. Happened all at once. 4.0 v8.

When I turn the key I hear a lil click from under the dash and that's about it. its a stick 5 speed. Also how do I unlock the anti lock brakes. Thank you for your time

Engine Smokes sometimes - mostly when you've been idling - we think it is a valve guide issue

Started with occasional no-start, went to no-start at all. Replaced main relay. Turn key on, hear and feel fuel pump cycle, but do not see any fuel being delivered. Can a fuel pump fail that way?

Head Gasket with a home mechanic will how long should it take and is it worth It...

Front brake were smoking specially the front right one. Brake pedal wash mushy and I was loosing brake power. I parked the car and the brakes seemed locked I had to really hit the gas to try to reverse or forward. I got the car home and this morning I drove the car around and it drove just fine. I have no real idea of what it might be please help thanks

Oil seems to be coming from passenger side valve covehose. The hose that goes from top front of valve cover to the throttle body

My temp gage is reading hot when I slow down, I had to thrown my my car into park while going 60mph a couple weeks ago to avoid a crash and it's been getting hot since. I not sure what to check or why it's getting hot. I check all my fluids and holes and they're all fine.

My car only does this when the car is idling. It does tho off and on occasionally, but my car rides smoothly....help with son ideas?? I am getting new engine or need to change valve gasket cover. I only have 114,000 miles on car.

I have a 93 acura legend 3.2..... and I just had the radiator replaced..... then I got a leak.... could it be the water pump...?

It died a 1/4 mile later and hasnt started since. It turns over fine. It wants to start as soon as i hit the key but it dies as soon as i release the key. I changed the main relay and it still wont start.

Is it going to break down to where it's not useable

I have a new battery, 262,000 mi on car, and the timing belt isn't due to be changed till 281,000.

My 94 legend has been perfectly maintained with 142,000 miles on it. Just Started a drivetrain vibration when it is put in gear. Runs perfectly smooth when in park or neutral. Has anyone had this problem? Acura dealer can't figure it out.

Acura Legend ' 91. after driving for 15 min. at @ 25 mph. on flat smooth roads hear a knocking noise under the front of car.
have replaced the frt lower ball joints and back of muffler.

what is wrong

batt was checked good
Fuses are good
Main relay is good too changed
Ignition switch was changed too
Neutral safty switch was cleaned

It has to be the original 2 piece !!1985-1990