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It died a 1/4 mile later and hasnt started since. It turns over fine. It wants to start as soon as i hit the key but it dies as soon as i release the key. I changed the main relay and it still wont start.
It had been working intermittently over the past three months now it has completely stopped
I've checked the fuses under the hood and at the Driver kick panel and they are all good. It's hard to identify which fuse(s) is for that seat. Neither the back up/down or the seat forward/back work. How are the fuse(...
Failed emissions smog test my NO @ 15mpg was 1060 and @ 25mpg 907?
Where do I find a maintenance schedule for my 1992 legend?
I just want to make sure the service is done when it should be.
Once I crank it up, it will stay on for 5 mins and then cut back off. And once it does it won't crank again for 24 hrs. and do the same things all over again.
This happens every once in awhile.when i move the shifter to neutral, it will start right up.
it just started after three day of driving it it was parked before for about two months
just the rear tires wear in about two weeks
already tried locking and unlocking the doors and unhooked the battery
Pep boys said to change the air drier. We did! We added one can of 134a and it still doesn't cool.
STARTING PROBLEM. -drsingh@gmx.us