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The place I took the car changed the water pump and told me that the timing belt was fine and now it is broken. I thought they had bought the kit and were going to fix all belts. Now its costing me more money.
1000 miles ago. I don't think they can be worn again. The computer code says it is a shift solenoid. I changed a filter Honda said did not need to be after problem had happened again. (Should have in the first place)....
The passenger side window works from the passenger control. Again, my driver's side windows will not work, but the mirror control works from the car's master control switch. What is the problem?
Just change the stock intake and now its revving too high when I accelerate hard on the gas pedal. Ill be going 40mph and itll be at 2000rmp, but when i step hard on the gas pedal, it jumps to like 5500rmp and dont re...
In addition to the hose, I would like a total estimate for the receiver drier, freon, oil, and labor.
Was about to enter freeway when car won't accelerate and just stuck at a lower speed. Then check engine light and TC warning light came on. Was able to drive it home, but speed didn't go past 30mph.
how much will it cost to replace motor mounts on my car? can i do it myself?
I think I need to have my brakes repaird its a 2003 cl with 115k what is the average pricing for this?
i want to know where in the engine is the fue line leading to or rather near the fuel injections/fuel rail?
Next to the TCS light on the dashboard there is a light that appears to be the outline of the car's engine. It stays on when when car is started. What is it?
How much should a oil change cost?
i would like to install a transmission cooler on a 2003 acura cl 3.2. no cooler lines to the radiator. no obvious lines to use. thanks
I have a 2003 Acura CL Type-S with 90K miles. I took it in to the dealer for maintenance and they said I need to replace the Front Motor Mount at a cost of ~$500 for parts and labor. Is this reasonable or should I try...