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sometime it would start, and sometimes it won't start
i have a broken trans mount and i was wondering how long its gonna take to replace?
My car sounded like a lawn mower losing out gas. Drove it on da freeway died out.. also my TCS light came on along wid the check engine light. What do I do?
Car sat for 6 months with bad transmission. Car has 79,000 miles on it, had trans rebuild. Car sat with battery connected, just repaired the transmission and put in a new battery. doesn't sound like the fuel pump i...
I turn the engine off, then restart; It will work fine,until the next occurance.
every time I turn on the headlights the clock fuse blow off and my dashboard light doesn't work as well the power locks please some help
My car has over 100,000 miles. We have recently bought a new battery Tune-Up Something done to the spark plugs Seems worse when it has been sitting outside in the sun all day. It doesn't happen all the time. It h...
I am having a tuff time getting my car out of the Park gear in my 2002 Acura CL. It takes about a minute or 2 of wiggling and pumping on my brakes before the gear unlocks out of the park position. What is wrong?