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I was sitting in my car on friday waiting to start work. I had it running and all of a sudden the car turned itself off. No dash lights no power. I waiting about 10 mins before I tried to turn it back on out of fear. ...
In August, 2014 it happened in the middle of rush hour traffic and now on Dec 2, 2014 on the 5 in Gorman, CA going 70mph in MOUNTAINS! 50mph winds, rain and it happened literally 15 times total!!! Driving 70 MPH!...
Crank sensor
car just died when I punched it getting around a car. Diagnostic test said this is the problem
When I take my foot off the gas pedal, there is a loud clunking, rattling noise coming from the underside of my car. Just had the exhaust replaced from behind the catalytic converter back and the noise started nearly ...
having ignition problems lately and i find a recall on it. ive replaced my alternator but it still jerks a little coming out of gear also a recall on power train:automatic transmisson:park/neutral start switch. My su...
I have no spark at the new coil rotor and ignition module still no spark
does the tensioner have to be adjusted
my mechanic has worked on this car for 9 years can't figure it out??? new pc valve, timimg belt,gold spark plugs, new acura wires, tires great, new air filter, oil change, ozegenators. no codes come up???
cheak engain light on i think spedmetor problem but icant find lockton
the colder it is outside the cooler the air is. if it is in the 40's the heater is ok, but when it;s in the 20's it just blows semi warm air.