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changed fuel filter, tested main relay, I can hear the fuel pump go on. one day it will start right up, leave it running for an hour and the next day nothing.
Is it fixable? I can not tell how fast i am going or how many miles i have driven
When I start my car 141,000 miles in the morning or after sitting for a few hours it is fine but if I drive home from work about 30 minutes of driving, run in the house and change, or stop at the store, when I start t...
The front lower middle engine mount is also broken
I have a 1998 acura cl, I can be driving down the road and it will die but if I let it coast in will turn right back on and keep going. If I am unable to let it coast and have to stop and try to restart it, it will st...
are general maintenance costs higher for this vehicle than for other Honda models
average cost of transmission repair or replacement
Chilton book gives torque sequence for front head looking at engine from front. Is the torque sequence for the rear head a "mirror" of the front?
i went to a mechanic and they hooked it up to a code reader.
Supposedly the water pump and timing belt was change at 75000 miles. There is now 105000 miles and I am told the water pump is leaking and that pump and timing belt should be replaced.
trying to read check engine light where is o b d connecter located
Checked the fuses,they seem ok.I do have night lights.
Where are the transmission solenoids on a 1998 CL 3.0?
Radiator has had a slow leak for several years, wonder if I can replace it myself.
I just bought a 98 Acura 3.0cl and the code is needed for the radio. Could someone that maybe has the same car and the same problem let me know a code to use instead of having to pull the whole radio out. Thank you!