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just replaced the odometer censer still when it gets hot the transmission fills like its missing when i come to a complete stop it jerks
How to replace Belt for power steering drive
dose some one kno what side is the fuel on and how you would replace the fuel filter on a acura cl 2.2......thax
Initially, sporadic jerking. Month or so later, check engine light came on, then went away. Next time this warning came on, it was flashing, and the gears began to slip. The car drives but it cannot go up hills. I was...
the car wont stay on could it be the fuel pump the plug are new
Have an intermittent no start problem. Engine turns over fine but will not start. Seems like it is not getting fuel or ignition unless you hold the accelerator to the floor. Could be coincidental. What are some t...
Starting last week the temperature gauge in my car has been sitting at the 1/2 way mark which is not typical. Although it has been beetween 80-100 degrees here in DC! It usually sits at the 1/4 mark. When driving on t...
where is the input turbine speed sensor located ? Some one told me this is a fancy name for a speed sensors and that it would be located on the back of a hub ?
840 pm friday, june 11th 2010 buying a used car needs replaced want to see what itd cost
when i parked it it was fine but now won't turn over. turn the key to start it and it does nothing but a small cicking under the dash. can it be the starter or some fuse?
My abs light comes on and off while driving and my radio will shut on and off because of it,Then my speedometer will go to 0 then back to whatever speed I was at. What Would cause this?
this car juck at high speed
I replace both excel and now I hear a thump noise when I stop or turn the wheel to the right when stopping. The noise sound and feel like its coming from the middle and sometime the right side of the car. I notice the...
where is the tube to add the transmission fluid?