2-3 Shift Flair From Automatic Transmission on Mitsubishi Endeavor

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The automatic transmission may develop a 2-3 shift flair. This is commonly caused by an internal fault related to the reverse clutch assembly. Replacement of the rear housing and reverse clutch assembly may be required to correct this concern.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 119,591 (14,000–198,990)
Drive Trains affected: AWD, FWD
6 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2011
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Strong vibration between 25 - 40 MPH (when shifting) appears to NOT be in the tires or drive shaft (U-joints are tight)

I will get the transmission evaluated ASAP
for some time now I have been experiencing my transmission feel as though it is slipping between 2-3 gears
Transmission shutters when shifting gears or coasting. I took my 05 AWD Endeavor to the Mitsubishi dealer and they tell me they don't work on transmissions and I would have to take it to a transmission shop..! I did a little research and called a couple of other places for estimates all saying I need to replace the transmission. I'm told 11 hours to do the job including a used transmission from a salvage yard total $3,400. So far, my research is that this is a common problem and I would need to repair or
replace rear housing and reverse clutch assembly. I haven't got an estimate yet for that cost.
transmission slip 2-3
Strong vibration between 25 - 40 MPH (when shifting) appears to NOT be in the tires or drive shaft (U-joints are tight) I will get the transmission evaluated ASAP
The wife was 1 hour into a 17 hr crosscountry trip and while on the freeway the car suddenly dropped into neutral. She was able to exit and park off the freeway. She drove it ever so slowly to a shop that was near by. We are told the tranny needs to be replaced and looking at a near $4000 bill to fix a car we paid $10000 for, dissappointing!
When trans needs to shift to 3rd gear, it will jump to neutral instead. Local reputable shop recommended replace with rebuilt trans at $3700.
problem between 2-3 gears, not fixed yet
Haven't had the 2nd to 3rd Flair fixed yet - holding off as I already replaced the transmission in 2008 and don't want to put significant dollars into this vehicle.
Purchased used with 37,000 miles on it. 1 week after getting car started to have trouble. Had a warranty so they replaced Trans with rebuilt one. 2 years later same thing happened and the trans had to be replaced again. Still have the hard shift with the 2- 3 flare. AAMCO does not know what to do to fix it!
same identical problem
Same issue
Transmission seems to be slipping between 20-40 mph
Exactly the same problem, the transmission began to slip between the 2nd and 3rd gear, very disappointment issue from mitsubishi whom is well known by "the high quality parts".
Sticks in gear at 2000 Rpm for 10 seconds or longer. Acceleration or breaking needed to get from one gear to the next.
Car started vibrating weirdly on highway. Pulled over and it seemed to go away. Continued on pulled over at gas station and car vibrated loudly and wouldnt go into park drive or reverse. Waiting on diagnostic but told the transmission is shot.
I had the same problem. Took it to a trans shop they told me the rings were bad and needed to be replaced. For that and the reprogramming of the trans and of course labor I paid $934.
when driving i feel the van switching gears it pulls and chokes
The start a strong vibration when changing from 2nd to 3rd (between 20 and 25 miles/hr.) More noticeable when driving uphill and no problems at cruise. Going to the transmission shop for a diagnostic.
Missing at 30 to 40 mph