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Nissan 240SX (13 Reviews)
Love it, runs like new. Best vehicle ever owned. I did get clutch replaced and radiator so far car is very flawless.
in fact my Nissan 240 is 1989 SX and i want to know a good shop that can do nice job for the repair and paint with the original color green-grey.

can you recommend me any one shop for this??

I live in Mexico so my zip code in mexico is 65750

My email is
A very nice car... a daily driver and very fun to drive. can be raced on the tracks. once you got a sr20de engine all you got to do is place a good huge intakes, port polish, bigger turbo pipes and snail, programmable ECU and a bit larger headers and exhaust... then kaboom... instant 220-230+hp... (but remember to change the oil and spark plugs.) check the brakes and power steering too. for safety. but over all. its a good car... very reliable
hella fun in rain and also my new babyy also first car
this car is great for anyone looking for a thrill
on a budget
I love this car so much A+++ easy to work on and easy to own.
my new toy is nice!!
they are awsome cars but i bought a dud, bought it off a wanker who screwed it up and hid all the problems. Battery drain, still havn't found, engine stalled due to poor pod set up under car, "weird", was ready to catch on fire due to his home made wiring, break lights and park lights connected and have problem, spedo goes all over the place sometimes, like water smoke from gearbox. but thats just mine remember to check before you buy! it will either be the ebst car you buy or the worste... my advice low ks is a good one mine has 180ks
Had my 240 for two years and still loving it. Gave it a bit of hell the first year and Im really paying for it. I'm working on it though.
I personelly think is one of the best cars of its type for doing perfornance modes to.
I've had my s13 for about 3yrs it's a solid car and a awsome porject car no mater what your in to.Me personally,I'm gonna take this one sideways.So good luck and happy motoring
just bougt this car. its high milage so it needs some work. but this rear wheel driver is very fun. a great inexpensive sport car. and a great base for tuners.
their good for handleling taking corners and good on gas