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So far the only issue i have is the passingerside air bag light is on & the break pedal making a groaning sound when stepped on....had a break job done but did not fix the problem & a little bump when wheels are turned to deep. It has a lift kit on it.
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I own a 2006 Nissan Titan. Got it brand new. I love my Titan. I did not have had any problems so far. The roughest and toughest thing I did with my 06 Titan was hauling road gravels, twelve trips. I thought I broke my suspensions. Took it to a dealer for a annual service in 2008. The dealer told me their is a sign of possibly rear diff leaks, just a little moisture around the area. They want to fix it but I hold off on it. I clean it off to see if it'll come back. To-date today I did not have any issues or problem non so ever. Just one minor issue, the clicking/knocking noise from the climate controller but everything is still working fine. I love my Titan and I admired it every time I drove it. CC.
I have a 06 Titan bought brand new 54,000 miles to date. Here is my review. Love the look(I added a lot of chrome on a black truck) The brakes are holding up well I haul a 28ft camper she pulls and stops beautifully and handles the extra weight easily. That's the good. Now for the not so good. The heater takes awhile to heat up. Have had other trucks and they seem to heat up much quicker,needless to say the defrost takes longer than normal to work. The muffler is placed too far back it extends beyond the heat shield so when it failed(leaked)it melted the main wire harness .I lost all power to trailer including brakes let me tell you that was an exciting trip. also lost the back-up sonar.Having trouble with the power windows no "up" but it is 6yrs old. had to replace battery. Power assist tail gate failed. It came stock with passenger tires that does not work for me on a truck,Sorry Nissan. Will have too see how much the new harness cost, That will determine whether or not I would personally recommend this vehicle.

Gary V.
visitor from Baltimore 10/12/2011
this is a update on my muffler flange.The flange on the back of my muffler that connect the tail pipe to the muffler rusted out. The Dealer wanted to replace the muffler and tail pipe The warranty only cover these parts for 36,000 miles.I took my truck to a muffler shop and they fixed it for $60.00 I hope this helps.
2005 nissan titan
vistor baltimore,Md
The muffler is good but the flanges/tail pipe has rusted off.I only have 32,000 miles I brought this truck new
i bought my titan brand new love it havent had any problems with it its got 91000 miles on it now
I have an 06 titan LE. First let me start of with the good things ... plenty of power, plenty of room (crew cab), very appealing truck. I've hauled up to 6K lbs and it did great. Now to the negatives ... brakes and rotors had to be replaced around 45K, exhaust had to be replaced around 48K now my front axle (left side) is making a clicking noise when it's in 4wd. Not sure why or what is going bad, but I've never heard it before on any of my past trucks. I'm hoping that its nothing major, but if anyone out there has an idea of what it is let me know.
I have a 2006 Titan LE kingcab 58'000 miles that I purchased new in 2006. It's pretty loaded with leather, moonroof etc.. I like the ride and the motor performance but here's what I don't like: The truck needed full brake/rotor replacement service at 30k then again at 57k, the exhaust rusted off at 37,500k, the shift into 4wd and back to 2wd is never quick it always requires some time. I have had front end metal wrenching noises since new and Nissan says they find nothing. Now the noises are worse and will have to pay a private Mechanic to find the problem. The serpentine belt needed to be replaced at 57k as well. I have owned 3 toyotas and never changed an exhaust under 100k, never changed a serpentine belt under 100k, never required break replacement under 57k and always had emmediate change from 2wd to 4wd shift. I purchased the Titan with a 36k warranty and assumed I didn't need extended warranty because Japanese products don't fail early like Toyota. Well I was wrong!!! This truck is a looker with a great engine and a very good driver as long as the front end noises don't freak you out. I will not purchase another Titan due to all the issues.
My '06 has 26,000 mi. on it. The muffler is good but the flanges on the muffler/tail pipe rusted right off. Told I need to replace both sections and possibly the whole exhaust system because flanges on cat. converters will probably crumble when trying to disconnect also. Paid 26k, still making payments, and the warranty only covers muffler and converters. problem there is can't just replace flanges, so no warranty coverage. I'll dump this rust bucket 1st chance I get and buy American. PS: also needed to replace rusted rear shackle.
I have a 2005 Titan and love it. It has given me NO problems what-so-ever! I tow a 9,000 lb. travel trailer and it does it with ease. Would buy another one in the future
The truck is great inside and out, the only issue I have a complaint with is the A/C. Living in Phoenix,AZ, we need the A/C to perform well and the Nissan A/C in the Titan is avg. at best. Takes too long to cool down cabin area. Definately needs to be addressed in future models.
I have a 2004 Titan with 105,000 miles and this is by far the best truck I have owned. There has been no problems with anything, except brakes. I had a early recall for the brakes, but have not had a problem sense. I have 95,000 miles on the rear breaks. I have changed the fronts once.
Love it, Love it, Love it. Looks great and plenty of power.
I have a 2007 Titan and tow constantly 5500 lbs wondering if my load is still behind me. I love this truck or maybe I should just call it a vehicle because it drives,feels and handles like a car. Also even though it's a V8 I can still use regular gas. I love it!!
love it, Its the best truck i ever had. I also have a chevy and a ford. Both of which are good trucks. But the Nissan is most impressive. My chevy has 59000 miles the ford has 89000 mile and the nissan has 50000 miles. All my trucks were brand new. I am a roofer and these trucks take a beating; hauling, and towing.
This truck is a secondary vehicle for me but I have no complaints on it.