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Nissan Murano (26 Reviews)
This is actually the worst vehicle I've ever owned. I purchased it in 2011 and it was a 2006. I purchased it from a dealer (Kelly Nissan in Beverly Ma) and they said the vehicle was pre-certified. Initially the warranty they offered was atrocious so I had to pay extra to get a warranty of 80k miles. Interestingly enough the entire exhaust fell off about 2 years of owning it, right after 60k miles which is what they wanted to give me. I've had nothing but problems since I bought it. I just want to say that I paid about 23k for this car and I also paid 23k for the Mercedes SUV that I had before this car. It was 4 years old pre certified and had 32k miles on it. I bought that vehicle from a dealer pre-certified and it had every extra option. I loved that car but I was trying to be economical, never again. This vehicle has cheap fabric interior. The engine started knocking the first week I owned it but the dealer kept saying there was nothing wrong, later they said it was due to bad gasoline but it always does it regardless. It has burned oil at an alarming rate. The bumper and interior panels constantly popping off, the pins that hold them in place keep breaking. The dealer refused to replace the exhaust that fell off with a new one so they repaired the existing one, even though it was still under warranty. The window on the drivers seat is messed up and often will not go up or down. The CD player has been tempermental since I purchased it. The car is just a mess. I can not wait to get rid of it and I will never purchase another vehicle from a Kelly Dealership.
I have never owned a car with this many problems. Have had an oil leak repaired x4 and is still leaking. Had transmission and transfer case replaced. We were told we were lucky the transmission made it to 140,000 miles because they usually go out every 100,00 miles. The electrical is awful. The doors lock on there own. I've been locked out x3 and one time I had to wait 2 hrs for a tow truck to unlock the car, it was running the whole time. The head lights keep going out, the dash lights are out, and most of the time the back lift door will not unlock. Just wonder why they do not have more recalls on this car.
Had this 2006 only a short period of time and it already required 2,000$ worth of work. Power steering went out, bushings were gone, needs brakes, AWD light stays on, have a feeling this is a lemon, only 50,000 miles on it. Wouldn't buy again.
Good SUV in best quality. I don't think spent money on nothing but oil changes looks good in mint shape. Have 194K miles runs like a champ. Finish paying off so I am still happy with reliability of my Murano no problems hope last me a long time without no mechanical problems.
I'm wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their electrical. Seems like it's one thing after the other. First the tire inflation, etc. light on the dash stayed on. Then the air bag light blinks constantly, then the driver side rear door won't work with the auto lock, having to do it manually. Now the Intelligent key won't work. What is next and what will this cost. I checked the fuses on the Intelligent key and the air bags, they looked good.
Murano gear transmission systems is particularly problematic.
I bought the car new. I luckily bought the extended warranty and had to use it. The transmission went out but it was covered by 100,000 mile warranty. I love the car and figure that any car you buy has some problems. I did not like the idea that I was NEVER able to get the mpg they advertise. They said it was due to the way I drive. I KNOW that was not true because I was very careful about my driving because I wanted to get good mpg. All this said, it is a very reliable, good looking, sturdy, comfortable car. I bought the LE and all the amenities are great!
I have had a 2012 Nissan murano now for approx 1 year now.Over all I am very pleased with the vehicle, the few small issues I have are;
1. The high beam headlighting could be better ( the light needs to burn further up the road ) also a lack of genuine or aftermarket nudge bars to mount spotlights.
2. The amount of fuel consumption , approx 12 ltrs per 100km,
this figure is heavily influenced by how well the vehicle goes ( excellent engine )& I have a heavy foot, About the best economy on open road with cruise control on is approx. 9 ltrs per 100 km.
2007-have it brand new and kept up with maint.scd and the car has been very dependable so far....
Brought Nissan from Team Nissan in Manchester. Sold me a vehicle that has major water damage on the floor. I've only had the vehicle for 4 mths. and within the first four weeks notice an awful odor and came to the conclusion that it smelt like MOLD. It took me this long to finally realize that the passenger and driver's floor was wet. Just had someone look at it and it turns out that it had a defective back light and with all the rain it has been leaking from the wheel well to the front floors. Had a car fax done on it before I bought it and nothing was said about a leak problem. Team Nissan sold me a defective vehicle and I would not trust doing business with them again. I will have to replace all the rugs and back light.
94k miles front axle leaked out all transmission fluid, replaced under axle manufacture warrenty for no charge at nissan dealler. driver visor will not stay up, falls in your veiw randomly, now we have velcro holding it up. cig lighter can not have any thing pluged in with out falling off dash. brakes are good. i am at 110k and now strange rattleing noise when accelerating from stop or idle speeds. sounds to be comimg from front right side. going to dealer this week. just started to hear cv joint every so often when turning sharp.
Now have 103,000 miles. Third alternator, gave up on replacing fuses for mirror, cig lighter and headlight adjustment. Electrics remind me of my TR6. Zenon headlights are awesome but irresistable to dirtbag thieves. Seat bracket on drivers seat replaced twice- I'm an atheletic 200 pounder but have never had a seat bracket break- very cheap metal but pricey. Gas door, Sunroof (closing) constant adventure. Have broken engine mounts and front struts from light duty dirt road driving. I like the engine and tranny but the light feeling when accelerating does not inspire confidence. Handles very well and looks good. Wish I'd bought another Pathfinder (last one I had 184,000 miles without any real issues). After saying that, I realize my mom in laws Kia has been trouble free but also good looks free. Stay away from dealers- very friendly incompetent service. Oh yeah, the leather seats are paper thin and uncomfortable. Overall, I reccomend buying something else
Hi I need to find out went is tune-up due on my Murano. I was told every 100,000 miles is this a joke or what, I'm a driver for over 40 year and I never hear of a tune-up every 100,000 or after that.
we buyng murano 2005.very good.nice wife she recommended.all my friend loved my car.
I just purchased the 2009 murano after test driving alot of suv's. The drive is smooth, powerful, quiet and very comfortable seats. The handling is very responsive with ave body roll. Too early to judge reliabilty but it seems to be a great vehicle.

Over all a good car, Nissan and their Dealers are not to be trusted, 150k and no "major issues" here some past problems, Both wheel hubs went @80K, Replaced Radio/CD unit, poor desgin Cigarette lighter replaced twice, new brakes every 28k
We LOVE this car - the favorite one owned after driving for 30 years. Have two other friends who feel the same. Have 77k on the car so far and have done nothing but scheduled maintence plus front wheel bearings (at 75k) and seat frame repair. The seat frame is a bad design (we took it to a body shop to get the welds fixed instead of paying $1200). The wheel bearings failure were from water intrusion and no way to repack them (we live in wet / rainy Seattle).
Refer to the 2005 Murano as the nicest piece of crap I have owned. There is sooo much potential that is clouded by all of the strange issues. I have 79K miles on it now and have run into very strange issues with the car.
- Power steering hose broke $550 repair
- Both front hubs went bad (severe rubbing/scraping noise) $350/ea repair
- Driver side visor would not stay up (very dangerous when it drops down blocking view $350 to replace
- A/C system randomly stops working, blower stops, then randomly starts after few minutes
- Air intake "pops off" causing insane engine noise. This is after the "recall fix".
- engine make rattling noise at acceleration from stop and maintaining speed at 20mph.

When all is working, I love the acceleration, looks, leg room, and AWD.
We are very pleased with our Murano so far. We are especially impressed with the mileage for a large vehicle. On the other hand, we will not return to the dealer for service or maintenance unless it is a warranty issue because of bad service advice. We were told we needed brakes at approximately $600. We took the vehicle to our regular mechanic and he told us our brakes were still more than 50% and if the needed to be replaced it would be under $300.
I have had things go wrong with this car that I have never seen before. It is not reliable. As it gets old, things begin to fail or break.
rides nice. comfortable ride. brake squeek but not too loud. avg mpg 25 whole trip of 1500 miles.
Bought it because the comfortable seats, leg room in rear for my tall boys, and plenty of space in cargo area for beach chairs, coolers, sports equip, and such. Looks nice too. Only minor issues until local lube center put wrong tranny fluid and had to replace tranny. Fuel door wouldn't open and paid to fix that, not under warranty? Have the SE with leather seats, cheap leather. I have four tears, two on the exterior side of the front seats and two at the seam of the rear driver seat. Can't explain them. Power steering fluid started leaking, pressure hose replacement cost $550. Ride just recently became really, I mean really rough this year. Replaced front struts and rear shocks, no change. Still rougher than my husband's '98 Dodge P/U. I won't be buying another one.
bad car bad car.. all kinds of noise on the inside, rear breaks makes a loud noise like a diyng cat, batery gos dead 3 times a year, suspension problems.. do not buy this car
The car needs major repairs, and only has 69k miles on it. I definitely would never buy another one.
Interior is poor quality. Cig light won't stay in dash if anything is plugged into it. Housing falls onto floor. Rear brakes have squealed like a stuck pig since the day I drove it off the log. Took into dealership many times and they say nothing is wrong, will go away with time. 68k miles later still squealing. Drivetrain warranty expired at 60k miles, oil started leaking at 64k miles. Drive well in normal weather conditions, but handles very poorly on wet roads.
My wife and I bought a 2005 Nissan Murano S FWD after renting one for a trip to the Florida Keys. The Murano is very comfortable front and rear, offers plenty of utility and flexibility, and we've been averaging 19 mpg since purchase. It does have a rather stiff ride quality, so if you want to feel like you're gliding on a cloud this is not the right car for you. Also, our biggest complaint about our Murano is the number of squeaks, rattles and buzzes from the interior trim. Otherwise, this vehicle has served us extremely well. If you don't find the car to be ugly (many people do, but we don't -- depending on the angle at which it's viewed), you don't need a third-row seat (one isn't offered on the Murano) and you want to feel the road from the driver's seat, I strongly recommend the Murano for people wanting a crossover SUV.