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Nissan 300ZX (6 Reviews)
I have a 1992 300zx TT , awsome car , great power , only thing to remember is , when running your turbo HARD , I mean Fast , before turning it off for the day, or anytime , let the car idle for at least 3-5 mins , so that the turbos can cool down and regen itself before shutting down.....great cars, I've waxed STi's , all kinds of sportscar, this is one Z that's hard to spank !!!!!! Chamorro Action, Adios
I purchased a 1990 TT many years back and had electrical problems where the car just would not start, Nissan could not figure it out. Then the automatic transmission when out. Got rid off the car and lost money on it.

I have always liked these cars and heard good things about other later models, so I did regret buying the 1990 model.

Just recently after several years I purchased another one, could not stay away from these Z ! This one is a 1995 non-turbo with 5 speed transmission and had 95k miles. Well so far, all is good ! Smooth transmission and strong engine ! I am really enjoying this car and glad I finally am enjoying one of these great sports cars.

in terms of overall peformance its the best car for the money
Stock 1995 AT nissan 300zx NA. With the miles up to 194K the car is still in great running condition. A/C still very cold, transmission shift smooth. Alternator died around 190K.(From 190K) I replaced NGK spark plug, fuel filter, K&N air filter and Brake pads.Next on the list is to Replace and refill: Radiator coolant, Differential and AT transmission (fluids).
This car is fast, fun, and hot!
a very reliable, safe sports car.
average consumption 18 hwy, 17 city