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I really like my 1999 Pathfinder ,but just found out about all the recalls.
The garage refuses to fix the things on it. They say it is too bad. Ten mins after getting it checked out for a gas leak , I'm getting the bad news. Deemed unsafe to drive. Now I'm getting low balled by Nissan on buy back amount. They are keeping my vehicle and I will have nothing. I asked for them to give me a new front end and let me keep it...
I just bought a 2008 Pathfinder LE from a closed friend in OH he had it ever since new. Liked the SUV because can't afford newer one at higher priced. I read online about 2005-10 Pathfinders, Frontiers and Xterra SUVs with the common issue leaking coolant/tranny/radiator issues but first thing when woke up early next morning checked under hood but engine looks fully maintained. Keep in mind got it from my buddy in OH seems he took good care of it. Purchased back in March 2015 after my 1996 Lincoln Town car blew a head gasket making engine shut down but didn't have the money fixing so my buddy told me he was get rid of his Pathfinder got free. Overall handles good very comfortable love amount of space has lots of features in its class. It rides decent fuel economy isn't bad for a large SUV being my first its at 100,000 miles my buddy drove lots of places now am at 108,000 miles but got all paperwork he got it serviced at Nissan dealership. My wife likes as with our children my oldest son wants to drive it to work but just got him a 2003 Mustang best for the family after my beloved Town car finally gave up the LAZ-Z-BOY ride gave us bought a 2008 PF from a buddy of mines in Columbus the PF is a very solid SUV will make sure take care of all maintenance. At this time its very reliable runs well drives great on Carolina highways without an single problem nice full sized SUV ever even got a navigation system but buddy deleted his destinations some kind of way before sold off to me down south now I'm loving every bit of it as my wife does too she just bought a 2015 Rogue after experiencing with our Nissan being first product. I pray that it doesn't start having leaking tranny/radiator problems as other owners were experiencing will take care of all oil changes, fluids and maintenances at local dealer instead of small mechanic being its different from my Town car and other cars owned in the past.
fuel level sensor went out day i paid off drivers side rear window wont go up from drive position mirrors quit working for several months had to replace trans and radiator now engine is overheating replaced thermostat and belt and fan clutch still overheats afraid to run over 45 - 50 mph replaced serpintine belt still over heats now cover on left side front luggage rack lost 2 times had to replace worked 22 years for nissan plant and had aprox 20 new nissans all good till bought a 2005 pathfinder
I Need Help. have a 2006 2,5D and have the engine light comming on every time i put my foot down and go over 4000rpms then the car go in to Save mode and i have to stop and restart to clear.
I purchased this vehicle in 1990 not knowing what I was in for. Being in the marines I traveled all over the country in my truck and back. today it has 235,000 miles on it and it'ss still going strong. The body is showing a bit worn but it still holds up well. I just incountered my 1st major issue with accelerating and it's sputtering. What ever it is I will get it fix because it has to be cheaper than buying another one, unless I can find another 1990. This was a great year for the Pathfinder. What ever Nissan did back then they need to do it again.
94 nissan partfinder 3.0 v6 wont start plenty of fuel no spark we went mudding and it died in the middle of a puddel and sat for a full day till we could get a bigger truck to tow me home no other truck could get to me but my dads jeep i got it home and no spark ive replaced the plugs, wires, starter, ign moduel, and the coil and still nothin my cap and roter was replaced before we went out does any one know what the problem could be or how to fix it
my right headlight is not working on my 92 path finder the only one that works is the left
Cheesy latch on storage compartment near shifter broke. Brakes had caliper hang up and damage rotor resulting in need to replace them. Drivers side rear window does not go up/down with driver front button. Exhaust system seems to rust pretty heavily but has not been replaced yet. Water lines for rear heater are leaking costs $500 to replace with a kit. 1200 for all new lines. Other than the unnecessarily expensive cost of parts, it's been a good vehicle. Maybe not for the price though.
I have owned my 1990 Nissan Pahtfinder SE v6 5spd 4x4 since I purchased it used in 98. It had 65k when I bought it. This Pathfinder looked and drove as If it had just come off the showroom floor when I purchased it.
The lady I purchased it from bought it new and constantly kept it garaged. All maintenance had been done at the dealership she purchased from and on schedule. The only repairs made were brakes, tires, tune up, oil/fluid and filter changes- (recommended maintenance).

Since I've had it all I've done is regular maintenance, a muffler, tires, tune-up, battery, 4 wheel alignment, wiper blades and a high beam bulb.
The engine, clutch, tansmission, axles, differencials, transfer case, all the power windows, doors, electric mirrors front, rear wipers, A/C, defrosters, cassette/stereo,etc have always worked perfectly.

It now has 284,000 miles on it, has been all over this country and deep into Guerro Mexico and back. I drive it 70 miles round trip everday to and from work, and on very rare occasions I've needed to push it above 90 MPH on the freeway to keep from getting run over. It gets around 16 city 18 hwy with 4.88 gears. I try and keep the tachometer below 3500 RPM at all times (unless driving 90 miles an hour, which has only been very few times over the past year. I let it warm up to operating temps on frigid early mornings before placing a load on the engine (driving it). Every three months I do all day maintenance jobs on it-oil, filters, drain all gear cases and refill, flush radiator, whatever is needed.

Peole that know the Nissan can't believe how well it runs and handles. It stops on a dime, maneuvers in and out of rush hour trafic quickly with excellent response. This Pathfinder is "tight" in every way, absolutely no rattles, squeaks,or mushy handling in curves, or dips in the roads, even at higher speeds.
The only issue on this vehicle is rust on the left rocker panel and right and left 10 inch long panels behind the rear doors towards the rear wheel openings. The wheel wells aren't rusted, only the left rocker panel and the "ell" (L)panels just behind the rear doors. The rust is due to living in the salt belt where the roads are salted a couple months each winter.

I was a service manager for Buick-Gmc from 1986-1997 and had heard and read that Japan built their best Hondas, Toyotas and Nissans from 89 to 93 in trying to capture the American SUV and minivan market at least from 89-91. I don't know how true that is, although I did read it in several articles. That was the main reason I bought the 1990 Pathfinder.

I puchased a new Pathfinder in 2004. By the time it had 80k on it I had already replaced the automatic transmission and a new shortblock. After replacing the shortblock we sold it.
2005 nissan electrical system burnout 7 days after replaceing the rely switch module! What would cause this?? Truck has 102,000 miles on it and has had no major issues until now.Nissan is saying anti-freez has gotten into the transmission due to the electrical motor malfunction and it is no longer any good. The car is still in virtually good shape, but with an est.$10,000 repair bill what is a person to do!!
My 1999 Pathfinder has 315,000. Still runs great. i bought it 2 years ago for a measly $500. it had 279k on it. this truck is still nice looking and runs major probs.
My 02 Pathfinder has been a bundle of mixed emotions since day one. I have the 5 sp manual with almost all of the offered bells and whistles except leather. I purchased it in 06 with 70k on it. It's gone through oil since day one and has gotten progressively worse over the last 6 yrs. It drove and looked great up until about 6 months ago. It rattles and has developed a shudder which I think might be the clutch finally going. I can't complain about that considering I'm near 140k on the first clutch. The various heat shields have been rattling for the last year or two no matter how many sections I bend and cut off. It still looks good, the paint etc has held up well. I haven't done any maintenance on it because I've always expected the oil issue to become a huge problem but 6 years later it still runs well, I just have to remember to add oil every two fill ups. My major gripes and reasons why I probably won't buy another is the engine oil issue. The exhaust is garbage and I've been patching and repairing leaks etc for the last five years, I've been told that the pipes are stainless so they don't rust but they use carbon steel at all the welds and that's where it leaks. They were right b/c I have a leak at almost every location they welded a hanger. Why Nissan bothers spending the money to use stainless pipe only to have the system need to be replaced almost as often as a conventional system is beyond me. I've never wanted to sink the money into a permanent exhaust fix because of the engine oil situation. All and all it's been a weird relationship. I like it more than almost all of the other vehicles I have owned in the past from a driving perspective and I'm struggling to find something I like more to replace it with but the lurking major problems that have raised their ugly heads from day one of ownership has made it impossible for me to truly enjoy the vehicle as I'm always waiting for that catastrophic failure that luckily has not yet come. Oh yeah, I almost left out the way to common disc changer issue, the disc changer has been a problem since day one as well. Other cars I've owned were 98 Honda CRV (never a problem but a very boring car), 94 Isuzu Trooper (no problems but always felt it would tip over) 88 Acura Integra (my favorite up until I got the Pathfinder,had similar feeling as far as having everything I wanted but without any oil or rediculously expensive exhaust issues). 80 VW Vanagon Westfalia ( fun but lots of issues). A couple other vehs that are not note worthy.
I paid $300 bucks for a 92 SE 4x4 3.0 and have beat it mercilesly as a toy for my property, Everything worked on it before I turned it over in my creek, even then it started and I drove it back to the house. 227K on odometer.
I feel like I stole it as it is extreemly rugged and flies off of my homemade ramp like it has wings, I have had it over 3 feet in the air and it just takes it. I am putting bigger tires on it and turning it into a rock crawler.
1987 nissan pathfinder 2dr v-6 automatic
does not have air cond..
added aftermarket cruise control
reliable approaching 200,000kms.
regular maintanance
travelled western canadian eastern seaboard states-side
now going thru second child..had suv since 6 months old...NO regrets
body showing rust...34 yrs old..still runs like a top
had sent letters to nissan about underpower of engine...other options which are on all today...)))
Bought my 02 pathfinder used in Salt Lake City in 2007 with 60k miles. Lucked out that this had 2 owners, both times considered a "fleet vehicle". I LOVE THIS CAR! literally I'm at 137,000 in 2011, I'm about to change a spark plugs for the first time, I just had the brakes replaced, the "original" brakes that were still at 40%. I also just rplaced the struts and shocks (preventive). Had to get a computer software upgrade for the timing and idling once, which nissan didn't charge me for. I've had no problems other than what would fly off the road to hit me somewhere. Has timing chain instead of belt, and have never had to change it. Nissan rocks.
Only problems- tires expensive, service to change plugs expensive $300, so I'm doing it myself today, interior arm rest upholstry cracked and broke in sun.
Other than those, I am the happiest I've ever been with a car with my pathfinder!
158,000 bad original weld gave way and Nissan woudl do nothing. Dealer estimate was over $1,000.00 to repair.
Passenger front window is difficult to go up and down
corrosion starting at top center of windshield
wife's 99 Honda Accord - same mileage - is STILL close to perfect
lesson learned - BUY A HONDA
I bought a 93 pathfinder as my second car to be more winter capable than the 1st. I bought it a few months ago with 201,4xxx miles on it and it now has 202,100. I was not thrilled or even comfortable with buying a foreign car, but these older Nissans were practically the only cars on the market at the time with the standard option being a V6, stick, and 4x4. And this was the only car in my area in my price range with these options, so I snagged it up. Besides all the electrical issues caused by the previous owner screwing with everything, it is a good car. The body is solid and any small rust spots I sanded and repainted. I did however, a couple weeks into owning the truck find a hole in the driver's floorboard, which I was not happy about.I have seen though that the bumpers on these cars are very good at rusting out, which mine has already started to do. In contrast to the 91 s10 I had before, which was full of body rust but had near new condition bumpers. The engine also seems underpowered and not as strong as I would expect for a SEFI 3.0 v6.(everything on my engine runs as good as it should) This car also has a horribly geared 5th gear. At 70 mph, the engine is running near 3500 rpm. Not much of an overdrive. Overall, it is a reliable car and that is why I bought it because I will most likely be putting over 400k miles on it by the next 6 years. However, I have also experienced that if you have to replace ANYTHING on this truck, don't make other plans for a day or so. For ex. most of the sparkplugs are burried and almost unreachable or grabable. If you have electrical issues to sort out, Nissan did a wonderful job sticking tons of relays all over the car and hidden too. I would recomend buying one. But do an inspection on it like you work for a jail. Check every and any control, feature or button this truck has and make sure they all work. Check the frame and test it, looks can be deceiving as I found out. As I have heard before, Nissans are great, long lasting and running vehicles, but when parts break, have fun!
Great Vehicle... Would recomend to anyone who needs a mid sized SUV with plenty of pulling power...
We have a 2006 Pathfinder and having been experiencing a rumbling sound when driveing at about 40 to 50 miles per hour. After reading on the internet it looks like we are not alone with this problem and it is going to cost us any where from 4,000 - to 7,000 to fix. Will never buy another nissan!
I bought my pathfinder in 2004 with 30,000 miles and now it has 150,000. Best purchase I have made, runs solid and has taken a lot of abuse. It has its issues that you typically read about for this model, the exhaust has broken in 3 places, the rear bushings went out a little prematurely, the braking leaves a little to be desired as well as the engine power and the check engine light almost never turns off despite a lack of problems. I consider all of these minor issues due to age and the fact that no car will be perfect in all areas. I have taken many 1000 mile plus trips in it and never had an issue. It always starts strong and has never stranded me. It is solid off road and in the snow for a small suv and the 4 wheel drive has been solid and trustworthy. Considering the time frame it was designed and built you wont find a more reliable better built vehicle. I love it and look forward to many more miles.
Bought my 1996 LE used with 39K miles. It now has over 340K miles and just cracked the left exhaust mainfold. $500 one day repair job but still better than a car payment. Replaced the transmission with a used 1997 model ($ 1000.00) at the 260K point. This has been the best car I have ever owned.
It has always had Mobil One Synthetic and OEM oil filters. I highly recommend this to others.
I am looking for another used 96 - 2000 for a second car. I have literally run this one all over the US. 340K is only 20K short of driving to the moon or 85 times around the equator.
Overall good. Issues I've had: 1) Bad fuel-level sensor means Check Engine Soon light is always on, and I have no idea how much gas is in the car. 500-800 to fix. 2) The climate control system is terrible. You have no way to control the temperature of the breeze coming out of the vents. If you set it at 65 degrees, it could pour out hellish heat, or it could pour out cold air based entirely on what its not-so-brilliant computer thinks it should do. They need to simplify. Let the driver determine how hot/cold they want the air to be. Other than those 2 things, its been good. 112,000 miles (though I've had to replace the serpentine belt twice).
I bought my 1990 pathfinder XE 4x4 in 08 with 240k miles. it ran like a top then and runs great now with 320k miles. ive yet to spend a dime on it other then regular services, brakes and tires. i'ts a very solid truck and has a good ride. I'll drive it till the wheels fall off and then look for another.
Like Pathfinder models since 2006, the amount of interior cargo space (especially with the rear passenger seats down), is nice. The 3rd row seating is ok for younger kids, since the leg room is pretty tight. The Pathfinder is not a fuel economic vehicle. On average, city driving, stop & go short trips, will probably give you about 12-14 miles per gallon
My 91 pathfinder has to be the greatest vehicle I have ever owned. It was my first car I got it with 26,000 miles on it and now I'm working on 400,000 and still running strong with only general maintenance and the swap out of the belts and water pump. Yea mines beat up around the edges because of four wheeling. But for being stock it has been amazing. My final say is if u can find one that's been Taken care of buy it.
If your 2005 to 2010 Nissan Pathfinder has less than 65,000 miles on it then please read this review.
1. Transmission cooler is in the radiator. It has a good chance of leaking around 70,000 miles or so. When it does your transmission fluid is now mixing with your radiator fluid. New transmission and radiator 5,000 / 6,000
2. Climate controls for 07 pathfinder just don't make sense. What ever happened to keep it simple.
3. Seats are stiff and not great for long distance.

4. Car is very good in snow and has lots of power for towing.
i love my 1991 pathfinder although it needs a little work it drives smooth the brakes on the other hand arent so good ill be going around 30 mph and it takes it forever to get down to 5 mph and the heater and air conditioner are also pretty bad although all of that i love it if someone tries to take my car away from me they will have to prie it from my cold dead fingers
Our Nissan Pathfinder has been exemplary. No major problems, minimal repair and maintenance costs for a car with 105,000 miles. We have only done spark plugs and oil changes, and drive belts on schedule. Brake pads are expensive because of the 4 wheel drive.
Do not buy one! I am replacing the radiator and transmission at 56,000 miles! It is still under warranty but Nissan is not standing by their word or product.
Overall my pathfinder has been great. I bought it with 14k and it now has 121k, I did have to put a new exhaust on it at 80k which ive heard is very common with this year. All in all its been great only complaint is gas mileage which i wish was a little better. Id buy another one without a doubt.