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Nissan Frontier (30 Reviews)
Truck has 30,000 miles. Rides/Runs great.4.0 liter strong and gets as good mileage as my toyota 2.7 liter. I use synthetic oil only. I haven't heard any unusual noise from timing chain area but I will pay special attention to this area
The fuel gauge sensor stopped working, causing the check engine light to come on. I am unable to get the vehicle smogged unless this is fixed, which will cost me almost $1000. This is a known problem with this model and many others, but Nissan will not help in any way. In fact, they "require" that I go to a Nissan DEALER and pay for a diagnosis (which I've already paid for at another shop), so that a regional supervisor can "call" me. They are extremely evasive on the phone and refuse any other info, though they did say they know this is a problem. They won't tell me whether I will get any help with this if I pay for another diagnosis, which I assume is their way of keeping me busy while bringing in some more money.
My 2010 Frontier started loosing it's luster two years after I purchased it. Last year I noticed oxidation around the doors on both sides. I had purchased the extended warranty so I figured it was covered. WRONG! They said the paint job is only good for 3 years and not covered under the extended warranty. Being a long time customer they called Nissan and decided they would only cover part or half of the cost. I had it done and this year I noticed the same oxidation on the hood and top. Took it back to the dealer and this time they told me I'd have to call Nissan myself. Well my answer was quick when they said they weren't covering anything this time. The vehicle is less than 5 yrs (still paying on it) and only 27000 miles. I figure I'll keep it the remaining 2 years I have left on the extended warranty. Hopefully if it breaks it will be covered.
This truck looks good, drives good and is cheap to maintain . Only problem with these trucks is they have a weak engine from what you would expect out of a v 6 and it has a poor brake design, as in in stop it like you were driving a semi truck
Yay - It's a good truck, but not a great truck. It rides good, especially for a 4WD, rides quiet, no road noise, no body noises (squeaks & rattles) dash controls & accessories are convenient - I like the handbrake & seat controls - exterior paint & chrome all well done (a washing makes it look like new), lo-range 4WD will move mountains, cabin comfortable for four on short trips (3 hrs), Fuse boxes easily accessible (though I question the need to divide them into three separate boxes), good rear view visibility, A/C works great (but keep those cabin air filters clean)

Truck is driven gently, 22,775 miles (one driver), and is always garaged.

Nay - Some stamped metal body parts that were not painted, should have been painted.- the truck bed tie down system is absolutely ridiculous (bring back the open hooks) engine often races excessively on cold start - transmission shift cable broke (22,775 miles), windshield washer holding tank began leaking at 15,000 miles (cracked at seam), averages only 12 mpg, tailgate exterior surface dents far too easily (needs inner rib supports), owner's manual kind of useless unless one is into child-seats, a wrench is required to check transmission fluid level.

Finally, in this age of hi-tech miniaturization - everything is being made smaller - except engine components on vehicles. Is it really necessary to use up every available cubic inch of space under the hood for big air filters and EV stuff? I wish Mfgr's would MINIATURIZE . . . !

My biggest complaint is the brakes. Poor brake design, and this has been a problem for years and remains unchanged. The brake pads are safe, but they squeal like pigs running for their lives. The problem is that when any small amount of dirt gets on the brakes they start squealing. Other manufacturers do NOT have this problem.
Its a very good car for the daily light item carrier. Cheap replacement parts make is easy to upkeep. Reliable car the very meat and potato's of a good car. Not the best in any class but not the worst in any as well.
Show me our to change a Alternator
I'm the original owner of my 02 Frontier. It has over 217,000 miles. I've been very happy with it. My biggest issues are with the cooling system - I'm about to replace the water pump for the THIRD time in as many years! (not sure what's up with that) And also the brakes. Any time I need to brake and happen to be going over a bump or rough patch of road, the brakes shimmmie and grind and don't feel at all stable. Luckily there have been no consequences from this so far. But, the 3.2 engine is still real strong, takes me many places, and fast!
I have a new 2012 Frontier 4x4 SL automatic now 5,000 miles. I noticed right away that when Ai would accelerate and/or trying to pass it will not up shift and the RPM's depending on my speed have gone up to 6,000 before coming out and only when it is ready. So after 4 months of getting the run around finally got Nissan Corp and they seemed to care..wrong. Our Nissan dealer went BK right after we bought it so had to drive 5 hours to the nearest dealer. Before test driving it we were told its the nature of the beast. So i took the tech for a spin, at 55 I stepped on it to pass another vehicle and it stuck at 6000 rpms at 90mph and still had not upshifted. So i let up on the gas and the tech said that is why it won;t shift you have to keep it down until the computer gets to the right speed?? Well at 100 it finally shifted the tach on the red line. Now this will also happen at lower speeds the tach sticks and the engine races until it decides to shift.

So I ask to drive another 2012 and it does the same thing. I drive back another 5 hours home call Nissan they do not as usual get right back with me, of course because they talk to the dealer first, and I get a once very nice person who has transformed herself into a cold now uninterested person who says.. this is what the specs are and we will note it.

We are heart sick, traded in our beautiful never a problem Murano as the warranty was up for a truck as we are now on a ranch and have 6 years to drive a car that will not shift. We live in logging country and have to pass and it will not upshift to go faster when passing and a scary thing when a semi with logs is coming at you while trying to pass. Not to say what its doing to our engine and transmission.

If anyone has any suggestions on what we can do to get this truck to shift please reply. i am 73 and have driven almost every car and truck out there and never had one that will not upshift most by just letting up on the gas.. drove a rental Ford Focus and no problem at all ...

Nissan said also until there are more complaints or failures they can do nothing. A death maybe or two and even them my faith in Nissan is gone. THANK YOU in advance for any help you can give us...

And just to note , I asked for this in writing and was told since it was a corporate thing they had to do some more stuff and they would mail it to me, have not got it yet.
Bought my 2006 96k miles 4 door frontier used in early 2012 and 30 minutes after I bought it the transmission failed. Dealer gladly had transmission completely rebuilt. I then discovered the issue others have with radiator fluid getting into transmission so I quickly by-passed the radiator loop ( a 2 minute permanent fix). Since then I have raised the truck 4.5" and absolutely love it other than the the factory radio has poor reception, and I dislike the large size of the turning circle. I don't seem to have the timing belt whining noise like others have had tho. I LOVE the power this 4.0 V6 has and I get 23 miles to the gallon as long as I drive like an adult...
My experience with this truck is that I like it better than any truck I have owned and this is my 4th truck I have owned.
I just tried this on my 2000 Frontier with airbad light flashing and it worked:
Get in the car, close the doors, put the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position (do not turn it completely on) then open the door and reach down to press the dome light button 7 times. Shut the door and start the car. That will reset the airbag light.
Had to disconnect the air bag to clean out the header cage, now after reconnecting the air bag dash light is flashing. How do I stop this ? URGENT
I had an intermittent starting problem. Replaced the starter and checked the starter system. Nothing could be found. I noticed that when it would not start, if I would move the gear shifter without changing gears, it would then start up immediately. The culprit turned out to be a bad park / neutral safety switch. Replaced it and problem solved.
First Nissan . . . Frontier 2007 Crew Cab 4WD purchased new. With under 25,000 miles driving in city and have a stack of service tickets that would amaze people.

Issue 1) Have had problems on and off with the key turning and the engine whirling, but doesn't start. Five times in the shop and going back again for the same problem.
Issue 2) HVAC blower fan has been replaced twice. After the second time, I researched this and found the Nissan tech bulletin that noted this was due to insufficient insulation allowing dripping into the fan.
Issue 3) Air condition cools but never gets cold -- reported numerous times but have been told that it is "reading correctly."
Issue 4) Fuel gauge totally broke - left the shop for others issues, stoped to fill the tank, and it sprung straight to empty.
Issue 5) Noise in front-end has sounds like buzzer since 1 month old - still happening and techs can never "replicate the issue."
Issue 6) Bought new tires and the tire place couldn't put them on because the bolts had "seized" - had to take to dealership to have "special tool" remove them.
Issue 7) Front seat belts don't retract - fixed once and is happening again.
Issue 8) This one is new and exciting this week -- the clutch is making loud grinding noices.

Many of these issues happened under warranty and then when reoccurred once I moved into extended warranty, I was forced to pay my $50 warranty deductible to pay for them again. Now am nearing the end of the extended warranty and cringe at what is to come.

I was a two-time Toyota owner and made a huge mistake. With over 200,000 miles, by last Toyota was in the shop to replace breaks and a couple of small items over 18 years. I either got a real lemon, or Nissan has huge quality issues.

Thinking about trading it in on a Tacoma!
Heater blows way too much hot air in your face, and nowhere near enough at your feet regardless of how you set the controls.
It seems like something has to be wrong, but dealership demonstrated that all Frontiers and Xterras have the same characteristic.
It is absolutely awful in cold weather. I very much regret buying a Frontier and I am starting to think all Nissans are trouble waiting to happen. Look up the transmission / radiator debacle for instance.
2007 Frontier Crew Cab LE long bed Purchased new always maintained 66000 miles. Have had transmission cooler bypass put in to prevent leaking of coolant into transmission. (Should be a recall so many people have had to pay 5-7K for new transmissions, I had it done for $300) New brake pads at 35,000 , pads and rotors at 55,000. Just had 60,000 mile drivetrains service done. Now having issue with fuel level sensor on sending unit, SES light on Code P0463 indicated Fuel sending unit sensor. I am going to attempt replacing myself seems straight forward. Rear bumper inner side covered in heavy flaking rust,roof paint begining to peel off (truck washed weekly waxed monthly since new)
THis is my second frontier first was 2000 went over 100,000 on oil changes and brake pads, not the case here. Don't know if I will go for a third Nissan anything I don't know about you but here in LI the dealers are awful!!
great little truck . wish the US would allow the diesal model to be imported .
bought used at a dealer with 52000 on the clock had for like 6 yrs now has 129000 on it brakes oil changes transmission fluid changes and just did timing belt hoses water pump plugs distributor rotor great truck love it trans acting a little weird lately gonna have the sensors checked and throw on a scannner
I have owned this vehicle for about 9 years. XE Crew cab and have had a great experience with it. The past 6 years it was tires and brakes along with regular oil changes and it rolled like thunder. I have 130k on it an hell broke loose. I have replaced a few seal and sensors but the killer was the gas tank. I had a leak in my tank that produced a small gas leak when the tank was filled, good thing I gave up smoking...I have replaced the stero thru Cruthchfeild and pleased with there results. I got the leak at the power steering and checked the web and found that the hose could be a prolbem. I still checking on that and keeping it under observations. I love my truck and hope to make it to 250k... It has been a great highway truck and with the help of peerless tire I never get stuck in the midwest winter. I like my trucks appearance and personality I can say that I hate the Nissan dealerships and on that note I wouldnt by a new nissan..No personality in the new body styles they all look like slick boxes. I think my next car will be a Yugo...
Great Truck!
Bad Power Train involving Valve Box Cellinoids for shifting into uppergear.From a Stop position, vehicle feels it is in 3rd gear from beginning thus no acceleration & gear shifting. On 7/6/2010, I contacted 800-NISSAN-1, Customer Relations who developed File # 6860290 and forwarded to Regional Specialist (Luanne Blaysic (866-799-1690 ext. 1612) for investigation. Cust. Relations stated that I would receive a call from BEFORE END OF NEXT BUSINESS DAY (7/7/2010). I received no call. I proactively called Regional Specialist myself on 07/08/10 but only voice mail. I also contacted Luanne's supervisor, Jose Velila (866-799-1690 ext. 4175)asking for help to get my claim immediately address since my Frontier was seating at Metro Nissan, Montclair, CA. I LEAVE MESSAGES BUT NEVER GET A CALL BACK from either Luanne or Jose.
On 07/09/10 finally get a call from Luanne indicating she will contact Metro for background on required repairs (costing $1,615.). Luanne said I would hear back from her by 07/14/10 but I demanded that I get determination of my claim by Mon. 07/12/10 by 5 PM pacific time. Luanne agreed & promised these terms. However, as of 07/13/10 no call to me. Luanne is annoyed at me knowing her supervisor. I feel I need to know all who can help expedite this matter. Customer Relations is aware of my dissatisfaction & will not assist me in anyway to push for expedited decision. I AM WRITING THESE SPECIFICS TO ANNOUNCE MY TOTAL DISSATISFACTION WITH NISSAN'S CLAIM PROCEDURE. Nissan will NOT allow me to speak to a life person in Supervisory capacity to assist me in expediting an answer. My buy in 2006 of my new Nissan Frontier was a big mistake. If anyone readsthis spread this NEGATIVE REFERRAL - stay away from Nissan vehicles because their corporation does NOT stand behind their vehicles to the benefit of their customers. THANKS - GILBERT
35,000 miles, absolutely no problems on any kind! I've owned several Altimas and currently have a 2001 Maxima with 95,000 miles. No problems with any Nissan ever owned!
Not real happy with this one, too many leaks on a/c unit and hoses, dont think i will buy another Nissan
My truck has 218,000 miles. I haven't had any major problems with it. Driving in the mountains of Western North Carolina it slows down a bit, but it will still accelerate on a 2-3% grade in fifth gear, but I will down shift to reduce strain on engine. Excellent truck, I am the second or third owner.
i have 35,000 miles on my frontier. Had to have the alternater replaced around 10,000 but other than that, i've had no trouble with it. it's a great truck.
Just replaced Fuel Sending Unit (the only "Common Problem" listed) at 67K, but that is about it.
I have 101,000 miles on my frontier. I still have the original battery and for the most part, the only real problem I have had is the check engine light. I have had the EGR cleaned out at about every 10K. I preform most maintenance myself and found the truck easy to work on. During my last visual inspection I do see the need for suspension parts.
This is my 2nd Nissan pick up in 20 years. The first one lasted 14 years with 153k before being totaled in an accident. I had pretty much the same luck with the first truck as I have had with this truck.
I would buy another frontier and would recommend it to a friend.
My 2002 Frontier Crew Cab has 91,000 miles on it. It has been flawless except for the electric mirrors, which frequently suffer from gear binding when you try to adjust them. Thankfully if I just reverse direction and then go back the other way, it clears itself every time. It has been one of the most reliable and dependable vehicles of the 12 or 13 I have owned in my life. Nice job Nissan - ya got it right on this one!
I have over 150,000 miles on my truck. Overall there been very few problems other than routine things. With the higher milege I am starting to see some problems with the suspension, but other than that a great car.