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Nissan Quest (29 Reviews)
I wouldn't own another if it were given to me! I have had mine only a year and have had more problems with this van than any other vehicle I've ever owned, put together! Air conditioning problems had to fix twice! Alternator quit, then cv joints, now it won't even start with a new fuel pump, it must be electrical because there is no power to the radio, gauge cluster, or the fuel system?!?! Really? I would not ever buy another Nissan. Period.
Van is a cash cow seems to be in shop every other week. Engine mounts are the newest problem with van. Brakes and rotors have been replaced 3 times within one year. Passenger sliding door clips all broke causing door panel to fall off. Drivers side door lock broke. Van no longer beeps when using key throb and change key throb numerous times. Heater makes a noise sounding as if a door is opening and closing. Van is very loud with rattling noises. Cup holders have broken off on passenger seats. Dash board light always shows tires are low and sensors have been replaced twice. Wear on tires very bad have replaced tires (not cheap tires) 2 within a year. Van engine is now getting stuck in gear causing engine to rev extremely bad making me think it is the transmission. So many little things that are not normal keep up on van. Very disappointed with van. Loved the look of van and the inside of van but extremely extremely disappointed with van in whole. Will never ever purchase a Nissan again
We love our minivan looks luxurious I think it shares same platform with Altima. Controls are unique very comfortable equipped with Bi- xenon headlights, bluetooth, panoramic moon roof, navi, backup camera, intelligent key, fog lights and heated leather seats. V6 and CVT are both impressive gets 24mpg around city easy handling while has a smooth agile ride a gorgeous looking family minivan with all bells and whistles very equipped being one of the most superb vans ever had.
I am the second owner of a 3.5 S model, bought at 27K miles. Now have 45K miles. Has performed well, I tow a boat at 250 lbs. tongue weight and 2500 lbs. No problem at all. First mechanical problem, air temp. control not working correctly. Dealer wants to replace HVAC control modual at a cost of $640 just for parts.
Smoke from back of engine went under the hood couldn't find no leaks ..any suggestions
I bought mine six years ago and it had 117k on it and now 178k with just routine repairs as in any vehicle.
It has been babied and still runs well. Good purchase on a used car and has lasted longer than expected!
Long trips in this have spoiled me, the ride is very comfortable.
I cannot say anything awful about this van from this year.
Bought new in 1993, now has 330,000 miles on it. Still drives pretty well, aside from the usual stuff. Never rebuilt, hardly ever worked on. Replaced an injector, alternator, water pump + starter. AC doesn't work anymore, and passive seat-belts finally quit. Has a LARGE amount of body/frame rust. All things considered, not bad for a 20 year old car with over 300K miles. I'm pretty sure the rust will get her before the engine/drive train goes bad.
Bought the 1999 Quest van new in March 1999, best vechicle i every had,no major problems, still drives as well as it did when i bought it, good gas mileage. Front air blower went out, so i traded last week for another nissan, miss it already. Hope the next ower have as must fun as i did with it. Miss you boo!
waater comming from tail pipe engine skips iM THINKING ITS THE HEAD GASKET WHAT COULD IT BE AND HOW MUCH TO FIX IT
I bought my 1994 quest in 1996 with 30K miles on it, I now have 205K miles and it has been a great car to own. No major problems and it is still running good.
If i press on the breaks, the house light comes on; the light that shows doors open also comes on but the doors are all closed. Any suggestions or fixes?

Got it used 3 years ago with 103k on it, now it has 133k. We LOVE it. Reliable and comfortable on long trips. Only issue I had was rear AC fan motor went out last year, but it was a cheap fix. Good gas mileage for a V6, 20-21 mpg for me 90% city short trips with AC on.
i love my nissan it came a long way and still going had it since 1999 and no major problems out of it . now it just need some sensors change and she would be alright again but it is still hanging in there after all these years . best car ever.
I love my Quest. I have 160,000 miles and have had no problems. the most comfortable car to drive. Can't wait to get a 2011, It sure looks beautiful in the pictures.
We bought the van new in 2005. It was at least $5k less than the Odyssey or Sienna. About three months later, we lost first or second gear in the transmission. The delearship replaced the transmission control unit and it's been fine since. Shortly thereafter, the dash storage compartment broke and needed replacement.

It's a very comfortable vehicle. It glides down the highway like a luxury car. The exterior is still attractive and the paint has held up. I keep good wax on it. The seats are a little uncomfortable for me (6 ft) on long trips and the interior is cheap. Sometimes the ceiling vents will just fall down and the center of the dash is covered in something like felt that has worn and looks brown and gray from dirt - ugly. On occassion, the driver's window switch will not raise the window on the first try.

We have over 60k on it now and the steering groans when you turn the wheel hard in either direction. There are no leaks and the power steering fluid is full. I hope it's the pump and not the steering box.

I'm a DIY guy and I still haven't found a repair manual for this thing. That's crazy. I did find some exploded views of different systems somewhere online. Maybe the dealer has one. Everything is tight in the engine compartment like most vehicles these days, so I doubt any repair will be easy. I have no idea how I will get to the rear spark plugs (close to the firewall).

We bought our Quest GXE used in '02 on Ebay. Friends and family made fun of us. Turns out to have been one of the best vehicle decisions we've ever made. It has just developed a leak in the rear main seal, which is how I stumbled on this site; but overall, this van has toted our family trouble free to a lot of great memories over the years.
I have been having nothing but problems 3 x's with the a/c fan control (front and rear). 90k miles no real brake problems. I have gotten great gas mileage, once 475 miles from a tank.
I purchased this van for my mother and she loves it.
awesome vehicle, one of the best I have ever owned
I have own my quest for two year and have never had any problem,I have six kid's we travel alot,and there is room for all of us.I am now just getting new shock and brake's and tire's there is now 50.000 mile and my car run great.
put front brake pads in February at 165,000 changed wires, plugs, cap & rotor at 180,000 handles great in town & on highway
Great Vehicle! It is the second in a row that we have owned and it has always performed well.
I have a 2001 Nissan Quest with 136k and so far I have had issues such as sliding doors sticking & handles breaking off as a result. Also, the power windows have broken on both sides. The biggest problem is the brakes have been a bit of an issue. I have had them replaced 4 times and rotors twice. I finally went to a brakes forever store also and now have them looked at once a year. Finally, I am now having issues with Fuel Injectors. I just had one replace to the tune of $550 and was told the other 5 needs to be replaced as well for another $2,000. Yikes...Good luck for all you other Nissan Quest Owners...we are not sure but may go over to a Honda next time.
Over 180,000 mi. and still counting. Nobody else has had brake problems? I've talked to others who have complained front brakes wear out too fast. That's why we bought lifetime brake care from local chain repair shop. Also, strange thumping noise hitting brakes going down steep hills and no we don't have anti-lock. Cerritos dealership lied about timing chain rather than timing belt.
Purchased car new late 1995. 150k+ mile without an major repairs.
WE GET 24-27 MPG