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2013 Nissan Sentra Car seems to have a lot of problems. The motor bogs out a lot, making a loud noise. My back tires ware quickly. And it just started recently over heating! The ac also doesn't blow cold air unless you are driving when you are stopped or parked it blows out hot air.
Purchased my 2007 Sentra S in 2010. It has been a great little car! That being said, I wish the seat adjusted to where short people can raise it high enough to see over the hood and not be in the steering wheel. The brakes are original (it is at 150K now) and work great, but they squeal when they are wet. I've had them checked by multiple mechanics at different shops and they all say they look great. Gotta love those Nissan engines! They run like nobody's business, but i wish they didn't sound like a wind up toy. :) I've had some issues with it dying when trying to cold start it. Finally it blew up the fuse to the starter that is situated over the battery under the positive terminal. After checking, we found the intake hose had a large hole in it that the original owner had used black electrical tape to seal it back off. These two items I can replace for $150. Last summer I had a terrible squeal in the passenger suspension. It turned out that the boot was almost completely off the shock. I replaced both shocks, the control arms, all three motor mounts (cheap) (which caused a lot of the noise),took it for an alignment and the car drives brand new again. The carpet and upholstery is very durable. I spilled oil in rear floor board and it came up by scrubbing a very small bit of dawn into it and pouring club soda over it. Vacuumed it up and hit it with BleachWhite. It looks the same as the other side now! I love this car!
I really like the car but hate loud noise out the transmission. It is a good car at 80,000 miles take lots of trips gets great gas mileage very comfortable needed few repairs until after 60,000 miles believe extended warranty has expired. Overall Sentra was our second car purchased since 1983 after driving a larger car its nice looking all that but some things needs be addressed or recalled as taking into shop for some problems other than its a good car runs amazing.
Love my 2006 Sentra 1.8s got used at 68K miles. A flawless little car changed head gaskets and struts - Oil changes $85.00 and tire rotation $38.00 - I am getting spark plugs change as well have 140K miles this car is driven solid I have never had trouble out of it. Believe take care of a car will last forever changing fluids and oil changes. Overall pleased in vehicle gets excellent gas mileage no complaints it's a decent little car.
I have a 96 Sentra very reliable vehicle driving around town. Gets decent gas mileage, replaced cv boots/ball joints - air compressor, 2 struts and water pump. The car received good maintenance never spent nothing expensive did get muffler worked on noticed saw small holes and minor leak but I took care of that at the muffler shop. Love the car has few minor body dents was like that when got 3 years ago would not sell this vehicle been reliable ever since. I'm thinking of doing a little work on it like fixing it up and get a paint job has couple rust spots. It drives well went to Seattle no problems didn't smoke or stalled got 30mpg these cars are well built like tanks I have 230k miles now - Purchased 3 years ago 124k miles engine original runs like Energizer battery I use Lucas tranny fluid 5w30 and change oil with Valvoline synthetic service every 6,000 miles. Innovation that standards - My 1996 Sentra.
I owned this car since 07 starting to have few mechanical problems but can't compare whatsoever because its been a great car since Day 1. It has 168,000 miles took 34 trips got 31 mpg and rode pretty smooth back in the day. I am looking for a new car now but have had an good experience out of my Sentra never gave a problem.
I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra bought new it is starting to have problems and Nissan doesn't gave a rats behind about their loyal customers. I spent $123 on new AC compressor and $140 replacing getting brakes done now CVT is jerking while left me stranded in Walmart parking lot. AAA towed my car to Nissan which need an new transmission but warranty is closed to expire because my car has 100,000 miles so Nissan talks about having a fix we'll see about their lacking services. I am losing lots of faith in Nissan because now these cars are nothing but problems I religiously maintain all my cars do schedule maintenance oil changes careful on getting things done now not so happy with my car. This is my first and last Nissan will ever buy.
Last of the old body. I paid 18,300 out the door for this SR. Pleasantly surprised how nice it drives, great gas mileage and still on original brakes. Love the way it shifts, smooth and I never feel any jerking motion. Best car for the money. Ugly rear end but I got used to it.
I bought my 2011 Nissan Sentra back in April 2011. I loved it when I first got it. Very quiet ride, can't feel the shifting of gears. But, at 23,000 I had to replace one strut. I don't drive crazy or aim for pot holes. I also had to replace the adjustable arm (suspension issue). all of this before 25,000 miles. It also makes a clunking noise when turning right and left. I took it in to the dealer and they say its nothing. They claim i need to put a rubber cover over the spring in the suspension to get rid of the noise. UH HA sure, for $200 and not covered by warranty at all. I had to replace the A/C and the Compressor Clutch at 52,000 miles. I don't use the A/C much. I replaced the brakes at 50,000 ( thats expected). Now I have a "rotten gasket" in my tail pipe at 56,000 miles. They want to replace the whole exhause from the Cat. coverter. time for a patch job, since it not covered under (extended warranty).
So far I'm not impressed. Its becoming a money pit. Most of the things were covered under warranty ($100 deductible each time), but that is beside the point. These things shouldn't be breaking. I think I'm going back to Toyota. I never had these problems when I owned my Toyota.
My car is 1996 1.6 nissan sentra with a GA16 engine. there is a noise at the entrance of the left CV joint to the gear box. (inner CV). They say I must replace the bearing/pilot bush on the mouth of the gear box where the CV sits/turns. What can I do to replace this bearing?
I am writing this review because I want other people to AVOID THIS CAR AT ALL COSTS. This is the worst vehicle I have purchased and I am stuck with it because I cant trade the damn thing in due to the drop in value. I owned a 2010 Honda Civic and it kicked Nissan's fanny!!! Sadly I was hit and my Honda was totaled but I survived. So back to this rolling money pit. It has 65000 miles on it, I bought it in 2011 its now 2014. When I start the car it revs up and hangs out at 2.5 RMPs until I put it in to gear, there is a light that says lose fuel cap. It has had a knocking noise in the steering column when I turn the wheel left or right. There is a loud THUNK noise when the damn thing starts rolling and the breaks make a terrible swish/swish/swish noise when I go to stop. I cant keep up with the repairs on it. I also think the transmission is getting ready to go as well. Its a lemon!! I took it to the dealer and they just tell you nothing is wrong these are phantom issues and then since your warranty is only 30,000 miles it will run out and Nissan runs off with your cash. SCREW this car company I will never purchase another one.
The CV tranny was making a noise and found out that Nissan had extended the warranty to 120000, mine was at 98320, due to problems. Brought my 07 Sentra to the dealer and sure enough the tranny was bad. It was replaced free of charge, but if it wan not covered it would have cost in excess of $2800.00. Now I'm having an intermittent stalling problem. Owned the vehicle since say one in 07
I have Nissan sentra 2003 model and its like i have to visit the garage every week end because of under carrier problem. But the most is the Car always cut off when i'm in a traffic but it will start once i start it. i don't know why it was move and cutoff, start move and cutoff till i leave the traffic. It doesn't cutoff on a freeway. I would really appreciate anyone help or advice
Just the other day I had my 2000 sentra scoped and found I a new
cooling fan.This was on a Saturday 4/27/13.The shop told me I couk\ld still drive the car but,not to excide 36 mph.But on Monday night 4/29/13 my ca did overheat and the top of the radiator which is plastic cracked completely across the top,How I need anew radiator and the fan?
95K 2003 GXE: Purchased in 2004 with 11 miles. CD Player stopped working after the first year. The exhaust pipe fell down and needed to be reattached (simple issue). No major issues until 2012. Replaced the Head Gasket, water pump, radiator, radiator hoses, serpentine belt, thermostat, and normal maintenance items within the last three months. Now the transmission is slipping. Great car until it dies. I wouldn't invest major work into this vehicle. Lesson learned.

I have a 2010 Nissan Sentra SR and I really like the vehicle.
The car is a winner as a gas miser in my opinion with 25 mpg
city/ 34 mpg highway. I average about 30 miles per gallon. I
really like the fact that the car comes with most features

The voice controlled bluetooth phone link is one of the prized
options that helps to keep me safe when receiving or making
calls on the road. This car does everything well as a daily
commuter and it has a little better than expected power on
the highway.

The Continuously Variable Transmission is smooth and it also
helps to save on fuel. I also like the Intelligent Key System
that gives me more peace-of-mind and less stress while
entering, operating, and exiting the vehicle.

The low positioned fog lamps provide increased road
illumination for night driving, and the traction control
option is a necessity when anticipating driving in slick
road conditions.

The interior space is also comfortable, because I do not feel
cramped in my 67 inch 180 pound frame during my fifty-mile one
way commutes.

The five star safety rating was also a factor in helping me to
decide on buying this vehicle. This car was an overall wise
choice for me ( among comparable vehicles in it's class ),
because it does what I purchased it to do reasonably well as a
value-conscious consumer and driver.
I have a 1991 nissan sentra ser 2.0 and it has been a great car! Purchased it new. It is red the paint is faded. I seen that someone said they had fuel injectors replaced on their nissan. Well let me tell you something. I had a fuel injector acting up and took it to a repair center in virgina and the guy said it needed replaced so i got it done. About 3 months later i had the same problem again i was going to take it back in and then it went away all by it's self!!! Here what was happening was dirt was getting in the injectors. This second time the speck of dirt worked it's way through the injector on it's own. I never had to do anything to it and that has been 4 years ogo! They really didn't need replaced just cleaned. So the point here is some people blame the car when it may be the mechanic they are taking it to? Look on youtube and you will see many videos on this! 20/20 48 hours dateline nbc all have shows on this. From your washing machine or fridge to your car it happens all the time!!! I am just saying beware it may not be your car that is to blame all the time. Yes your car may have some problems all cars do but it may be a $30.00 problem but you may end up paying $300.00 I hope this helps someone. Just Beware!
My daughter bought a 2011 nissan sentra with 1700 miles on it march 2012 .. since purchased has had to take in monthly for issues .. battery cables ?? had difficulty starting , brakes had to be replaces 2 times, drifting to left . which has been in 3 times .. still does it, radio .. and one other problem can't remember but had to do with starting and stopping .. very upset and frustrated ..
bought a brand new sentra 2.0 a month ago with the automatic transmission and so far i have no complaints yet. drives and steers very smoothly. engine and transmission very quiet and low road noise
bought my 2006 sentra with 40K on it and have run it up to 215K.
I love this car. It has always been reliable and has averaged 38 mpg over its life with me. I do alot of highway driving and it's never let me down. The only repair I've made other than routine oil changes was bearings in two wheels. front left and back left bearings were failing and needed replaced. I attribute that to some of my driving habits. lol
I have a 2007 Sentra, anybody have issues with Back end out of alignment
I own a brand new (Oct 2011) 2012 Sentra SR and feel that there is something wrong with the steering. It will wander to the left on straight roads. In fact, it can change lanes all by itself on the highway if I do not have a firm grip on the wheel! (My 21 year old daughter brought this to my attention when I let her drive it for the first time: "Mom, the car pulls to the left.")

I returned it to the dealer's service dept and their asst manager gave me a lengthy speech about how this car's rack and pinion steering will conform to the "crown in the road." Neither my husband nor I have ever experienced this phenomenon with rack and pinion vehicles we have owned. The man took it for a test drive with me and he kept deliberately jerking the steering wheel to the right. He agreed to check the front end alignment and found it needed adjustment. It seemed better for a month but problem has since recurred. I am having buyer's remorse!
I have a 2006 nissan sentra I gave it too my neice it has 53k on it, I had to put a converter on it also struts other than that its a nice car.
Had to get my new 2011 nissan sentra towed to the dealership because it would not start. They called me the next day and said the ECU was bad. How does the ECU go bad in a car that is only a ear old? That doesn't make any sense. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, or if anyone can tell me exactly how an ECU can go bad in such a new car. Thanks.
Very few problems that cannot be explained by normal wear and tear. Although I am at a loss with a problem with a squeak in the front end while driving. I've found that my bottom rear engine mount was split in two and had that replaced but the problem persists. If anything it has worsened which leads me to believe its suspension related but the dealer tells me everything checks out. Does anyone have any idea what this may be?
2002 Nissan Sentra GXE guage on dashboard shows engine running hot, it'll then go back to normal, then hot, a continous cycle. I have changed the thermastat but the problem still exists. What am I missing or what do I need to do? I have not noticed any visible signs of coolant leakage as well.
just bought this 2002 ser from the dealer, engine knocks on acceleration. dealer knows , wants to see the car, but i refuse to be dupped again. the warrantee is currant but the agency does not cover the existing problem.
I bought my 1999 Nissan Sentra in June of 99 with 15 miles on the odometer. My car today has 291,300 miles on it today. It has survived 3 teenagers, Many trips for band competitions, cheer competitions and volleyball games. My car is still going strong.
This car has refused to start three times. Have had a clutch sensor replaced twice and just yesterday, it wouldn't start. Had to pop the clutch to get it to run so I could get home. Has anyone else had this trouble?
I have the 95 Nissan Sentra,Got it when my dad passed as of May 2011 it has only 66,000 miles on it hope it goes for another 66,000..