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Nissan 350Z (8 Reviews)
I will NEVER buy another Nissan anything again. I bought this 350z convertible with 16k miles on it in 2005. With under 20k miles on it (thankful for warranty), I went through a recall on the tires and brakes, problems with the roof not going up/down, driver's side window motor going out. I kept the car as I don't want a large car payment and thought once those items were fixed, no more issues. Flash forward to just 60k miles, Bose amp goes out. Find out that you cannot put another amp to a Bose deck (I now hate Bose). Lucky to get amp fixed for $250 but took months to get part. At 80k, the deck will only play the radio and only one station. Has Japanese looking characters across screen. Options are to replace the whole system, or go without. Using IPOD via cassette to play music. At 90k miles, more problems. Nobody could figure out what was draining new battery. Car kept going dead after 48 hours. Figured out that SWITCH on passenger seat was jamming and causing motor seat to run all night when parked. Now I have to have that fixed as well. DO NOT BUY A Z, THEY ARE GARBAGE but nice to look at. Manufacturer does not stand behind their product and customer service people are rude as all get out.
covertable top will not open
This car is excellent overall except that the passenger's compartment gets hotter
then it should be after I've driven the car for 5 minutes especially in the summer.
This only occurs after I've stopped and parked the car for a short while because
a heat transfer from the hot engine compartment to the passenger compartment
via the hot water lines allows the whole ventilation system to get hot and because when the car is parked there is no longer cool air running through the air ducts to keep them from getting hot. This problem occurs because the heater vent gets partially stuck open.
I live in Southern California so I normally just like to run the fan only and get fresh air.
The problem can be overcome by running the air conditioner. Because 350Z's run
pretty temperature hot anyway and transfer a lot of that heat via the radiator fluid under
the dashboard to the heat exchanger, I prefer to bypass the heater by re-routing the heater hose. It works great and I believe that it helps to keep the electronics under the dashboard cooler (particularly under the center console) and over the longer period
helps to prevent wiring malfunctions.
a great car, when you have a chance, purchase a twin turbo kit from japan or hobby shops. this 290hp baby will boost up to 500hp. monstrous yet still can be driven daily with full interiors. wow!
I purchased my 350Z brand new as soon as it was announced by Nissan in 2003. I had a 6 month wait to get my Daytona Blue Z, and it was the longest 6 months of my life. I keep it in the garage, and I coat it with Zaino several times each year, so it still looks like it did in the showroom. This baby still gets stares when I drive it.
I have owned this car since 2003, I bought it new and I'm going on 6 years now. It has been a great car, except both window motors went out which isn't cheap as well as the wiring in the drivers' seat. Brakes tend to wear out fast, probably cause the speed of the car itself :)
This car is nice...but it has some problem with the electric power window not functioning properly...Nissan should look into it...a new car with some glithes can be a pain at times
I have own this car for 2 years now and I have had zero problem with it. Only with this much power you can burn through some tire.