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Nissan 200SX (12 Reviews)
I have had this fun little car for a long time now. I am the second owner and bought it with 38000 miles on it. It is now at 247,000 and still a great little car. I have had to replace the alternator once, and the fuel pump once, and the starter motor once. Also had to replace the interior fan speed resistor circuit board once. The most major repair was by far the alternator, it was a big pain to do.

I am still getting a very consistent 38 MPG with my driving, probably 85% + is freeway. It too is my FAVORITE car. It is sad to see how many miles are on it now. I plan to give it a nice birthday party when I finally need to replace the engine sometime in the future. I will also give it a nice new paint job then... and drive it like a new car again! :-) I have thought about replacing the timing chain, but with a quarter million miles... I do not really see the value. When it finally fails, I will replace it with a cheap JDM motor with close to the same miles as I had when I first bought the car!
My 200sx has some power problems seems to have trouble starting at times could be various problems have already replaced the starter, gave it a tune up, oil change, think it might be something in the ignition not sure. The only other complaint I have is the rubbing noise that comes from the driver's side wheel when I make an extreme left turn sounds like an alignment problem but just had that done when I got new tires, not sure have to keep tinkering.
Hello to every one i have a Nissan Silvia 200sx RS13 Automatic transmission 1989 model i am having a problem of poor fuel economic and it's having black smoke and without an OBD2 LCD i can't do any diagnostic to locate the problem please can somebody help me???
It started off with a no start condition on my 1995 Nissan 200SX 1.6L I replaced the fuel filter and the fuel pump. Ran very well on test drive of speeds under 60miles and hr. Test it on the interstate and was not able to exceeded 55 miles an hr with car bogging down and lossing power. I have checked for fire at the plugs and cleand the points in the distribitor. Now Im officially lost???
Great car!
Deceptively quick. SR20 motor really rocks. Steering isn't heavy but is quick and firm. Great redal feel, quick, responsive, great feedback. Wish it had independent rear suspension (not stupid torsion bar) and a 6th gear would be awesome. Overall by far and away the most fun, happy, and exciting car I've owned. By far the favorite of the 3 vehicles I've owned
I have had this car for two years and it has ran awesome, best mpg 30+ everywhere. Just getting a engine fix at 165k. But well worth the $$..
Owned my 96 since it was new. Best car I have ever owned. Should have replaced the chains which broke at 350K due to the center gear wearing down. Dropped a new engine in it ($$$$). Mostly just routine maintenance, a very reliable car. Two strange problems were the speedometer causing a VTC code (replaced the whole console for $50 from a junkyard Sentra) and when the fan speeds on the A/C started disappearing (small circuit board thats screwed into the duct work near the passengers feet). If you look at a wiring diagram the VTC pulses go through the speedometer before going to the computer module. Couple others were the Idle air control valve (car would start to stall at stop signs and red lights) especially when I had been running the A/C and an emissions readiness failing to set due to a small rubber hose connected to a small spaceship looking thing near the firewall that had a plugged hole in it. Took a wire and unplugged the whole and replaced the hose (about a 50c fix). I too laugh at the mileage ratings I see advertised on new cars, even those hybrids. I still get around 35mpg driving in some of the worst traffic in the nation.
I've owned this vehicle since 1998 and she's been real good to me. Just had the timing chains replace (231,000 miles) and the mechanic says she's running real strong. Maybe the Synthectic oil I've used since 39,000 miles. Isn't the most comfortable car but it'll get you where you need to go for a lot less ($) then most cars will. I plan on keeping her around for a while, she's a great dependable vehicle.
I have owned mine since new in May, 1997 and still driving her today at 576K. Did replace the engine block at 437K - probably didn't "have to be done," but at $2K including installation I couldn't resist.

If you're looking for a Cadillac ride, this is not the car for you - the suspension is not designed for that. But if you want a car that will go the distance (and my girl has seen every state E of the Miss. Rvr except WI, but has visited TX, AR & MO), this is the car for you with mostly basic maintenance. Oil changes every 4,500 (not 3K as most folks think-read the manual) and I have done man. transmission fluid replacement every 50K or so.

At this point in her life, I probably spend $1,500 on actual repairs a year - still less than you would pay on a vehicle that can be depended on and still to this day gets around 35 mpg highway and 30 in town. Makes me laugh every time I watch the new car commercials on cars 13 years later touting that they reach the same economy new. :)
this car has been great, except for troubleshooting which sensors might not be good, too many posibilities. otherwise sound little car that seems to last forever.
Been very reliable, fun to drive. Could be more comfortable, but still very good for a compact car. Very good gas mileage. Smarter than your average 'smart' car.