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car restarted but would not excellarate past 30mp.service light on.
what do i need to do
Its only been that way for 1day.
Car is sluggish no power espealiy when a/c turned on
the wouldn't accelerate pass 20 miles after stop then it would increase to 40 miles but no faster. i've let it sit for a few days and now want go pass one mile. I stopped at an auto store for diag. test and the man said it was code p1778 control sensor module
Why dose my wifes car go dead with out any notice she she can stop an it will start right back with no problem
the engine turns over but will not start or run
I added a can of Freon and everything was working fine until a couple of hours later it started blowing hot and I noticed the temp getting pretty hot. Over heating. Next day had someone ads the Freon for me. Same thing. Blowing hot air. Water temp too high.
My car was running fine, until I got my plugs replaced. Then the service engine like came on and it starts up rough and is missing. When I'm driving a steady speed it's fine but when I take my foot off the gas to slow down it has a little miss in it. It occurs Everytime I start the car and Everytime I take my foot off gas to slow down or when going down a hill but not when I apply brake. Please help. I took it back to the shop that placed my plugs and they two plugs were gapped wrong but it's still doing it.
When I turn on my air conditioner, the more I increase the fan a noise starts happening. It reminds me of a small plane, getting louder and louder the more I turn up the fan. What might be the problem?
My friend's 2012 Nissan Altima was leaking from the sunroof. The dealer fixed it, but then there was the smell of mold in her car. She went back to the dealer and was advised that the carpet needs to be pulled out and replaced! She is currently unemployed, has had 4 surgeries on her feet and knees in the past couple years and is forced to drive the car with the mold smell because the dealer says it is NOT covered under the warranty (she is off factory warranty now, September 2015, but did buy an extended warranty when she bought the car). She cannot afford to pay to have the carpet pulled up and new carpet installed. Why isn't the moldy carpet covered under the warranty when the water from the sunroof was leaking down to the carpeting? This is unbelievable! My daughter had a Nissan, and my other friend drives a Nissan, but if what the dealer is saying is true, I would advise staying away from Nissans! Please advise.
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