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Mazda 626 (25 Reviews)
I just bought this car has 118,000 miles no problems did fixed CV joints/alternator. The 626 gets good fuel economy very comfortable to drive. Owned a newer car but destroyed because of DUI had license revoked for several years found the used car under $600 starting driving again like car so far. It was last purchase in Nov 2014 now put over 132,000 miles no signs of breakdowns the car is getting all low maintenance plus 6,000 mile oil changes. 626 very flawless runs like a champ better than starting off on another car note already paid off by original owner who brought it brand new of Dec '96 as 1997 model still original in and out have all service records and manufactured date of the vehicle. I've noticed trans was slipping but fixed at lower price while using 5w30 Lucas Tranny Oil helped solved the issue this car will run forever I believe having less problems even mechanic who found to do routine maintenance says it has lots of life even Original Owner/driver told me same don't have to worry about nothing will serve me down the Colorado mountains without stalling or breakdowns this gentleman took very great care of this car like it was his own child being a dependable car somewhat nice 1997 model ever here in Boulder I've seen on the road lately.
We had a 1996 626 Mazda bought new in February 1996 sold the car in June 2010 with 132,000 miles. When the car got older put little bit repairs into it as fixing CV boots, timing belt, struts, ignition coil, distributor cap, transmission rebuilt at 10,000 miles, 2 window motors and computer. Overall could trust the car driven on quite few trips got 30 mpg ran like new gave us a decent ride. That was nice car had few options on LX model the engine was smooth running no major issues while was peppy changed oil as is at 3,000 miles and fluids with tranny flushes were at 6,000 miles. It had a 5spd automatic transmission shift smooth but until 87,000 miles needed rebuilt put 10,000 miles after getting all repaired ran like a new car. I wouldn't say it was the fastest car but had lots of good horsepower with a Ford engine under the hood. Stereo was great with Delco cassette seats were comfortable we did have trouble with air conditioner stopped working but happened in 2007 bought a small fan kept in car when driving around. It was the most solid vehicle ever owned I strongly recommend this car because it lasted us 14 years without no major problems except rebuilding tranny other than had original motor and very reliable lots of pep in it right before we sold it.
where is theEEC located in engine or distributor
I hate the 01 mazda626 the transmisions are junk
yes i bought this 1993 Mazda 626 4-cylinder about two years and i noticed a little after i purchased it i started seeing the hold light continuously blink and i was wondering what that meant and people was telling me that maybe it had something to do with my sensor or my transmission because it only shifts out in first and second gear. So whomever reviews this please let me a message at
hey need help i got 1994 mazda with a 4 chlyder in it and it over heating i flush radator and put thermastat in and had the heafs done and change the hose why is it still over heating my email is
This is my 2nd Mazda 626, what more do I need to say? Great workhourse and long lived. More than 170K and still going...
Bought the 91 626 LX in Oct/09 on the cheap and new I had to sink at least $500 to make it a decent running car. Replaced the driver side strut mount right away, and replaced the full exhaust system. Car runs grat after you figure out the idle on these cars. Burns about a quart or less oil each month, but I do lots of high speed highway driving. Comfortable car, solid and smooth running. The brakes fade when you depress them at high speed, so be careful! Overall a decent and dependable car.
engine light comes on and off
I have to replace the transmission twice first 54 k second time 65k (rebuilt) worst car I ever had, when I bought it in 2008 had 30k miles almost brand new.
Everything is working,but the transmisson. After I bought I had notice that this Mazda model (626) had really bad problems on its transmission
At 80K miles, I replaced the transmission. Ten months and 22K miles later, it was rebuilt or replaced again.
At 102K miles I replaced the timing belt, gaskets and the water pump for the first time.
One nuisance item is the engine light which has been on for 5 years due to some ozone filter which our mechanic said wasn't necessary to replace.
Considering I've only changed the oil about every 9 months, and have never flushed anything, it has been a fantastic car!
Bought this car in Sept. 2009 for $500 and I have replaced the entire exhaust, 4 new tires, driver side strut assembly and brakes in the past year and a half. Good, dependable car, just keep the fluids up! Likes to burn a little oil and now I might have a small transmission leak (spotting in the garage). The steering is a little tight, not much power steering help. All in all this Mazda is good and cheap transportation.
This was easily the worst car I have ever owned!!! Bought it cheap from an in-law that I thought could be trusted, what a huge mistake that was! The car had about 80,000 miles when I bought it and had just had a new transmission installed because the original failed. The replacement transmission lasted less then 4 months, had it rebuilt and it lasted less then 2 months. I went back to my trusty Honda CRX and unloaded this piece of junk once I found another 4 door sedan I liked. Found out afterward that the transmission for this car is made by Ford and is the same trans that was in the Taurus during the mid 90s. The transmissions are notorious for premature failure. In addition to the drive train problem, the car also had a short in the headlight turn single switch that caused the headlights to fail if the switch was used for anything more then turning them on. I found this out on a dark country road one night and was lucky I didn't end up in a ditch. After that I never touched the thing for either turn singles or high beams as I didn't want the headlights to fail permanently until it could be fixed. Found out that it cost a bloody fortune to repair because of it's close proximity to the airbag. Mazda actually had a recall for this problem, but by the time I found that out the transmission had failed anyway. The car handled like a boat as well. It was comfortable to ride in but my Acura Legend has taught me that you don't have to sacrifice THAT MUCH handling to get a comfortable ride. The 4 cylinder engine option is way to weak for this car as well, and probably contributes to the early transmission failures because of the amount of strain it puts on the drive train. The car barely passed emissions the one time I had it tested in order to renew the tag. At least the heater and air conditioning worked well.

If you are thinking about picking up one of these I strongly recommend you get the manual 5 speed transmission and V6 or otherwise avoid it like the plague that it is.
Have a '96 626 2.0 DOHC auto w/153750 miles. Original owner. I had the tranny rebuilt on '00 and then again '10. Car can still run up & down I5 from L.A. to San Fran at 75-80 w/no issues. Just keep the liquids up and keep it tuned. Redid suspension, boot, just stuff that ages. This is my 5th Mazda since 19977. The first one was a Cosmo, then a 626,another 626, an MX6, now this 626 since late '95. Getting ready to paint it the original green, replaced headliner. Cheaper than a car note :)
My 2001 mazda 626 has been a good car . The transmission shift cable bushing burst and allowed the cable to come loose thus not able to shift transmission . I called around to dealers and other sourses but the part was on back order .I found a transmission shop that made a good repair as replacing the cable was a real pain ! The transmission is a bit weak on shifting but still a good car . Would buy another .
Car is 16 years old with 138000 miles. Just replaced rear brakes for the first time. Just had first engine repair-water pump. Clear coat on paint just beginning to wear through, on a car that has been outside it's whole life.
Now the bad. Auto trans rebuilt at 50 and 85 thousand miles. It has unrepairable cooling issues, just a poor design. There was a recall movement, but nothing ever came of it. Door panel material has shrunk and peeled off, and headliner rotted and came loose, The four cylinder engine with the auto is very weak. With the AC on the acceleration is poor, and the MPG drops by about five mpg
This is a 2002 Mazda 626 LX V6 with Automatic Transmission. Bought car used (former rental). Owned it for 8 years so far, still going strong. Regular oil change and 30K, 60K maintenance... only repair bill was to recharge the freon last year - must've leaked out from lack of use through the years. Car indicates needing premium gas but have been using regular with no problems. Did not notice any gain in MPG when using premium. Plan to keep this car for another 2-5 years.
Mine is 2.0L with manual transmission. I enjoy the frugality of this car.
Average Car
does a mazda have a speed cable are not
great car has plenty of get up an go at almost 200,000. can't complain
The car is ok - we've had to pay a lot on repairs and it gets old...but overall it gets the job done
Excellent all around
Bang for buck, its not a bad car. Transmission isn't the brightest during low speed driving. Not a cornering car, drag racing machine or intended for drifting. As a "point a to b" car, it will do the job. Cold a/c, smooth and quite engine. Didn't like the odd size 6x8 speakers, but minor fix for sound enthusiasts.
Um, that mazda had to be the worst car my family ever owned! It had every problem imaginable, and cost so much in repairs! Let me see if I can remember all the problems it had... it needed a new transmission, some electrical problems, something about a timing belt (clearly i know nothing about cars), and who knows what else.... I also hated the way the wheel felt so heavy, and it didn't like to make u-turns. yeah, that thing sucked. Screw the 626... I hope they stopped making those.