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Mazda RX-8 (10 Reviews)
I love my car. I have a 2004 Mazda grand touring edition rx8. I have 196,000 miles on it. This is the original engine. It still looks and runs like it is brand new. I am just now replacing the original clutch. I too have had some of the issues listed but not as many. The only major things that I had to replace is the water pump and the drivers side door handle because like another person talked about the door would not open using key, remote or handle.

my car have hesitation by sticky SSV problem.but i connect the valve governer directly to main suction(jumping control solonoids) and the it seemrd to cure the problem. i want to know the side effects by doing so? PLS contace.i m in burma and the repairs are out of reached.please help
I have a 2004 RX8 and it is disappointment in all aspect. I have been driving RX7s all my life and I've never have this kind of PROBLEMS. After driving it for 6 years, now its just
sitting in my garage collecting dust. I've alreally spent a lot
YOUR COMPETITORS! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought a Mazda Rx-8 2006 candy apple read. I bought in 2007 as pre-owned vehicle and had only 12,000 miles on it and thats practically brand new. The feeling I get when I drive is indescribable I was on top of the world that is until I needed parts, or gas went up, or I decided to use as a commuter car (comfort), and slowly but surely we got the big OH NO, the engine had locked up Kaput at 100,000. I had routine maintenance all the time and always checked oil. My mechanic who has worked onthese rotary engines for years said that Mazda states that the engines are only made to last 60,000 miles but no one bothers to tell you that of course at the dealer. The engine was a used one and once again since the car still had a loan on it that I could not pay off quickly I dropped another $6500 in an engine, then it was the tires and the brakes, and as you know nothing is cheap for parts for Mazda. People stop me on the street to tell me how much they love my car, and I nicely smile and say "here you take it," but make sure you have a fat wallet. On behalf of Mazda though I will say the thrill of driving it when it isnt broke down is phenomenal! ZOOOM ZOOOM ZOOOM
I bought a 2004 Mazda RX8 Grand Touring this winter. The car is beautiful but...where do I begin? When we tried out the car, there was a noise coming from the rear end. We assumed that it was just the rotors since the car had been sitting for a while; rusted and just needing running.

So, during this test drive, which as I mentioned was in the winter was very cold. We tried to get the heat to work without any luck. We go into the dealership to sign the paperwork and leave to head home and you'll never guess what...on comes the engine light! Imagine that! Ok, again (I know, I must have REALLY have loved this car right?)

So we traveled home, four hour drive home with no heat! Again, thinking it was going to be a simple fix.

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG...I put on new rotors and brakes, noise is still there. We recently had the vehicle inspected and was told that the noise is in the rear end and not the rotors. :(
The heat control unit blows cold air on cold days and hot air on the hot days. The air pressure sensor light is on, the air bag light is on, the headlight leveling sensor is on...what a train wreck! I only have a few more lights that are even left to come on.

It makes me wonder what kind of hell this car has been put through. It will cost me a fortune to fix it all. I think walking away from this mess at this point would be the best. I am scared to think about what it will take to make it run as nice at it looks. It is a beautiful car! :)

Everything you read on the internet about things that can go wrong with these cars, there you will surely see a picture of my car!

Good Luck to anyone with the same kind of drama I have going on...Anyone want to buy a car?????

Great looking and running car. I love using the manual transmission and my fiance' loves using the automatic. All controls are close by and the yellow (!) sign comes on when one of your tires are low on the panel. Gotta Love the speed, look and dual transmission. Aso the traction control is incredible. It already saved the car and my life on ice. God bless the automakers who invented this option.
i got a 2005 rx8 with 55,000 miles. runs great so far, a little hesitant starting up. almost like the battery is going. not sure if thats how it starts cuz of the rotary engine. a lot of people have scared me about this car becuz of the cost for maintenance. if anyone has any tips on maintaining this car as to keep it out of the shop please PLEASE lemme know. thanks
Very nice improvements over the Series I models. Shifting is still a bit notchy like the previous models and on hot days you really have to crank up the a/c due to the heat of the engine entering the cabin.
Beautiful and prestigious car but to unreliable and costly to maintain
Great car