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Mazda Protege (18 Reviews)
car has 138,000 miles. Just got eng light-replaced manifold gasget.134,000 miles eng light-replaced catalytic converter.130,000 miles eng light-replaced air intake hose. 69,000 miles eng crankshaft bad-new short block-Mazda shared cost.I have maintained car at dealer and only complaint was a timing belt tensioner failure at 79,000 miles covered by dealer.
Car 1.8 eng and stick runs great and looks great,but think to use for light duty and local driving.27 mpg combined.Fun car!
Over All my car runs good.
I bought my 1993 totaled and fixed had 18,000 miles then and has 170,000 now. It has been a trouble free reliable gets 40mpg on the hiway if I drive at 65 mph. Iam looking for another one but they are getting hard to find.....I wish they made new cars now like they did these cars
squeaking sounds in the back at low speeds is the only problem, my car is now at 160,000 miles and has no other problems though. really solid car. and great on gas =D
my blower don't work, If I send a cable from the battery(+) to the blower cable conector it will run, but will no turn off when I turn off my car
This is my second Madza Protege. I liked the first one so much that I got the second in 2003. I wanted one with a sun roof. The two things I am not happy with is the placement of the door lock as it interfers with the door opener (drivers side). The second is that there is not a smooth transition when down shifting from 5(overdrive) down to fourth. I often ground gears slipping toward reverse at 40 to 50 mph.
Aside from those it has been a great vehicle and I would look at it again next time around.
Great car... bought it with 14,000 miles on it, now have 190,000 miles. Used it for daily two hour commute (each way) for five years. Did have to replace alternator twice. Gave it to my son to use at college and got it back from him a year later. Fun to drive. Only con, a bit noisy on the road.
What can i cay ... i love my little "Champ" . I own a 1994 protege , SOHC 1.8 , 5speed. I paid $50 !!!! for it and have only put about $100 into it. The previous owner didnt know (or want) to put a timing belt in it. So i saved it from the junk pile.....I have not had a single problem with it. it had 112,000 on it when i got it and now its well on its way to 200,000!!! LONG LIVE THE "CHAMP" !!
Had this car for a few years and have only had to replace a CV joint and still runs strong at 160000 miles.
Really fun car to drive. Maintenance isn't tough. at 140 000 miles, and going strong. Get the upgraded EGR valve (cheaper at the dealer than at auto parts stores) to solve that problem with rough idle. Also causing rough idle was a leaking intake manifold gasket. Clean the MAF occasionally with electrical contact cleaner, and had to set the valve lash at 120 000 (much quieter at startup at -20 now). Use a synthetic ATF like Mobil1 or AMSOIL (otherwise it needs to be changed frequently to keep from slipping). Ok, engine mounts had to be replaced, and a control arm (bad ball joint). replaced the steering rack, but that was due to an accident the car was previously in. Brakes - not happy with any aftermarkets apart from the OEM Akebono (anything else warps the rotors and leads to vibration). Even non-OEM drums caused me vibration. Original muffler (but had to replace the front exhaust pipe). Do yourself a favor and upgrade tire size to a +1, and enjoy the grip! Directional signal switch and radio needed electrical contacts cleaned to keep running. Alternator failed, and replaced. Oh - sudden one-time 'shake' at speed has been identified on a few sites as a turbine speed sensor - a $30 part taking 10 minutes to replace. A failing throttle position sensor will prevent trans shifting - hit 7000 rpm, changed the $40 sensor (from dealer) and all was good. Dealer also gives me a better price on belts and spark plugs than auto shops. Happy with car!
I Love this car, i bought my 1991 protege from the original owner about 31/2 years ago with only 60,000. I have not had any problems with the car just the normal stuff, tune ups, brakes, i replaced the horn but that is about it. I am now just replacing the water pump and thermostat but other than that the car is solid. This car can run for another 20 years because it only has 85,000
Been a great little car with No big repairs yet at 110000 miles
Fantastic, trouble free car. I bought it used in 2005 & have had no problems. I just sold my 1990 Protege a few months ago with 109,000 trouble free miles on it.

i cant say enough good about my 97 Mazda Protege....Nick named the`s a great little car that I commute in 63 miles around trip 4 days a week.... gets 33 mpg.. thats 335 miles on a tank of car has 153000 but now needs a new clutch,which is what brought me to this forum.I plan to put 50,000 more miles on it after the clutch repair at a asian only mechanic.low miatainance car but use good oil(valvoline maxlife,synthic/petrolium mix) after 75000.... 200,000 mile are possiable after that the smog inspector guy starts getting its either new engine or scan AUTO TRADER far a new/used one....
I bought this car many yaers ago when it it had 120,000 miles on it. It has over 250,000 now. Problems I have had all seem to be the norm, struts, brakes, tie rod ends, CV joints, etc. Over all this has been a very reliable car. No auto transmission issues, engine still runs good, not as strong anymore I'm sure the compression is low, interior when cleaned looks very good. The body has just started to get a couple of rust spots. If my daughter wouldn't have ran it into a guard rail and crushed the front end I would think of getting the engine rebuilt and drive it for another 150,000 miles.
Car runs great and great on gas mileage (about 35 mpg city). only problem ive had is with the speedometer quit working.
brakes and suspension noisy. plus I get the dreaded engine light(EGR CODE) from time to time.I keep medium grade gas in it, it doesn't like low grade gas.
This is my wife's daily driver to haul the kids around. We bought it new in 2003 and now has 85000 miles on it. No major problems. One recall for the manifold that was done. Great on gas!