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Mazda B4000 (21 Reviews)
had too get ft axle hub bearings replaced 2 times said they were not warranted cost me 800;00 dollars I had 2 eat after driving a couple of hundred miles steering wheel gets hot on left hand side and burned some dash board lights out other than that been a good truck bought new in 2003 have a 127000 miles on it now
I love my lil red "Tonka"Mazda 4x4,Buuttt along with
hundreds of other"fathfull"Mazda owners I two have had"numerous"ignition problems,? Has to be a real factory defect problem,! Does Mazda want to loose hundreds of faithful customers,?"MAZDA U LISTENING" ? Whats up?faithfully yours??Terry stranded in
when started the car when it get hot it shorts down my light in my dash saying check engine n check gauge n battery light on when it diet is that my problem I have no ideal what the problem here that my ruck diet. okay thanks
I love my p.u. I have kept up maintenance etc and it has always run beautifully, until 2 months ago. When I slow down to stop at a light or stop sign, or to make a slow turn, it starts pulsing and dies. Starts right back up no problem. Have cleaned and changed everything anyone suggests. Three experienced mechanics are stumped. One just quit, doesn't even want to see it again. Not the sensors, fuel pump,intake manifold gaskets several other things I can't remember right now. When driving on the freeway or any where, it is fantastic, only when I slow to stop does it do this. Any ideas?? Grannie
I love me truck. However recently it stallesd, I had to wait 5-10 min for it to restart. Thought it was the cadiledic converter as it ran rough and the exhaust was red. Now it doesn't start when it is hot. Have replaced the oxygen sensors,the ECT sensor, ignition moduale, TPS, and the feul filter. After the feul filter replacement the truck randomly chugs whe going down the road. Still won't start when hot. I am lost but still love my truck
Bought this truck used and it has over 140,000 miles and has been great. recently rubber went bad in front say bars. Dont know if thats a hard problem to fix. anyone had to do it. Does it require alot of work.
Other than that. LOVE MY Truck.
if your transfercase motor goes out. dont by another one. i can give u an easy fix.... and it ony takes 30mins r less 2 fix.
Bought truck with 120,000 miles love it runs great need new paint job clear coat came off. The best truck Mazda ever built best motor in this truck 4.0 v6.
My truck I bought used and is great. It has problem on certian days when it's cold and raining. The truck will crank and try to start but can't. If you have any info about what might be happening please email me at
Thank You.
bought my 94 b4000 4.0 manual with 205,000 now 206,000 starter went and turn this truck...never ever give it up
love my truck with over 300,000 miles. It never fails to start.
Best vehicle ever. 1994 B4000 with 256,000 miles. Problem with auto hubs, twice.Changed hubs to Warn Hubs and never a problem. Clutch went out once. Keep on truckin
2001 with 150k miles. By this point, the original suspension is very worn. The ride is not bad on the highway. I have not gone on long trips in it. The transmission started to kick but a maintenence flush and additive resolved that. Overall, I'm not disappointed.
I bought this truck new in 2003 and it now has 126,500 miles. It has been a fantastic vehicle. Super dependable and has never let me down. Other than regular maintenence, I haven't had to do a thing to it. Hands down, this has been the best new vehicle I have ever purchased.
Great truck much rather have a standard transmission but other than that its been awesome Thank you Lord
Automatic transmission sucks
best truck we ever owned
Rear brake do not last,I was told this is a constant problem with this truck B4000.
I love my Mazda B4000. Best truck I am ever owned for its price and upkeep costs.
Seats can be uncomfortable for drives longer than 30-40 minutes. I have the 4x4 and suspension is loose, nauseating for passengers - though I have no problems with it. The display under the rear view mirror went out, but all in all, a very good and reliable truck. A good beater that doesn't quit!
lower shaft bearing is no good how do i fix it