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Mazda CX-9 (8 Reviews)
Purchased our CX-9 Grand Touring in December 2007 (new). Have 65,000 miles and I must say this car drives / rides / handles like new. Only had one minor problem of the interior fan for the air-conditioner would turn on when you shut the car off. Mazda dealer was well aware of this quirk, and replaced an electronic module for $100. Have no other repairs,other than normal maintenance. Just had 65000 mile service,and brakes are still good (over 1/2 pad life left). The rotors are slightly warped and you can feel a slight shutter if you brake going 60-70 mph, but do not notice in city driving. Car is quiet, drives like a sports sedan, and that is saying something as this is a big vehicle. Overall, I highly recommend the CX-9, and if I needed to replace this for some reason, I would buy another CX-9 without question.
The CX-9 is as close to perfect as an SUV/Crossover can get! It is superior to my former Explorers and Grand Cherokee in every way!

The interior could pass for a Lexus. Handling, acceleration and braking are closer to that of a sports sedan than an SUV. It is smooth and quiet at highway speeds. It also has tons of room, lots of useful features and third row seat that is accessible and comfortable enough for regular use!
Major problems I have had
1) faulty front wheel bearing @ 92500 miles
2) a horrible interior noise not easily traceable. It sounds like there is a air leak into cabin at high speeds.
3) In all other ways it works like a charm. Repairs are not expensive. Drives really well. Still get 21 miles/gallon.
I have noticed some condensation inside the passenger front light. Although it does not seem like a big issue to many it bothers me. I would like to know what can be done and do I need to replace the entire light component even if the lights operate well.
Smoother, more comfortable and more reliable than a BMW X5. Turned in my BMW 328i for this.
Not a happy consumer. Water comes in through the windshield after a heavy rain soaking the floor. Now there is an electrical problem. Car has less than 30,000 and service will not cover it.
I bought the 2007 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring and I love it. It drives great and has lots of room. The BOSE sound system sounds great. My only problem inside is in the 3rd row seat you don't have any air conditioning, so it gets hot sometimes. My only problem outside is when you turn on the parking lights, the side mirror lights and front turning lights should come on too. But over all it is the best and most fun car i have ever had.
Had this car delivered with 300 miles on it. My wife loves it; there aare a few things they could have done for 34k, suspension makes alot of noise, seats feel cheap and they too makes noise. Overall, this is a good car. 53k on original tires and the brakes have never been changed.