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Mazda 323 (4 Reviews)
Hey guys, loving mine so far lol. It's ugly as sin but it gets me 40 mins and back twice a day. Do any of you gentleman have any suggestions on the best engine swap? I've heard a turbo tracer will bolt right up to my '91 323. But I need some pro advice. Hit me up, and thanks!
A great little car! Gets in the mid 30s for mpg but still is a blast to push around the twisty back roads around here. Not to mention there are a range of motors that are direct swaps and easy to find in any junkyard if the factory 82hp motor isnt enough for you.
I LOVED MY 323. it was my first car.i beat the crap out of it. it jumped tracks, ditches, and fields. ran 115 mph with more to go but it got scary. the rear strut towers rotted out and the struts pushed through. so watch out for that.
OK, so this car isn't as nice as a Honda Accord, Honda Civic, or even the nicer Mazdas like the 626 or MX-6, but these Mazda 323 cars run like champs. Take a licking and keep on ticking. This car was almost never in the repair shop. It needed the basic engine maintenance and brake jobs, but other than that there were nno problems. It's not going to win you any dates or turn any heads outside the club, but it will get you to the club every time when other people are walking or riding with a friend. Simple, basic, great car.