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Mazda MPV (22 Reviews)
We picked up our ES when it was 3 years old with 46,000 on it. I said I'd drive it into the ground and then replace it. 8 years later, it is currently at 208,000 with only minor repairs (one injector coil at 60k, water pump at 110k and again at 190k, idle control unit at 180k). At a local shop, the repairs have been ridiculously cheap as well. The size is perfect. In Asia, they sell the version that came after this, known as the Mazda8 over there. Same medium size but nicer interior with more modern styling. Oh, how I wish they would bring the next version over here. Unlikely.
this is a great van, I don't understand why they stop making this van. very low maintenance needed to this van if drive properly.
The brakes ware out to not roomy and with the sir on the back doesnt get cool off
Purchased it in October 2004. Love my van but engine light always comes on which means bad ignition coils. I've replaced 4 coils on separate occasions, catalytic converter, and now the fan runs loud and on even after engine is turned off. Going to replace the cooling module next.
somebody can help me? on my mpv-2002, the electronic system to open the side-back doors SOME TIMES WORKS AND SOME TIMES NOT, please if you know why, may you let me know?? thanks
somebody can help me? on my mpv-2002, the electronic system to open the side-back doors SOME TIMES WORKS AND SOME TIMES NOT, please if you know why, may you let me know?? thanks
good4/4to be20 years old my madza is a 1994 4x4 not a 2000 madza I like motor in the front straight and the rear end in the rear Don't like the new ones 1999 and up that is frint wheel drive they are a pain to work on gear head at 640
ran great for five years 235,000 miles it blew a head gasket. we replaced gasket ,distributer coil relays, fuses, module, it steill cranks but no fire its a 4 wheel drive. if anyone knows anything about this please feel free to enlighten us we have three more like it that need brought back to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought this van in 05. Only replaced Tires, brakes and all the coils. The van is perfect and I dont know why they don't make them anymore. Being in the military I have lived in SC, PA, NC, MD and a lot of trips to NY. The only negative remark is that this van is not good in the snow at all. I have been waiting to see if they make a new one so I can trade this one in for the new one. If not I will keep this one till the end.
I buy it for my wife in 2004, after 90,000 have to replace the coils, great van, high performance, good for family car.
I just bought my Mazda used, I fell in love with it! I have problems with the nerve endings in my body so I need comfort anda smooth ride! This is total comfort and plenty of room. I hate mini-vans and larger vans because they seem hard to handle and hard to see in blind spots. I highly recommend this Mazda!!! Everything works except for the dome light by the rear view mirror, I think I can deal!
Its a small powerfull and fast mini van.And i like the engine sound while you drive. But i had a serious issue with rear heat coolant line.Its got rusted and had bad leak,went to deler $1200 for parts, to make the story short, i went to homedepot and baught half inch cooper tubing made my own cooling line. the hadest part to take air out from new pipe but i did it,My hood above battery having bad rust also i had to change ignetion coil pack ones.I stil like this van.
THE ONLY minivan in the market that drives like a car. You may see this repeated all over the internet, and you have to drive one to believe it. I was against having minivan for years because I don't like to drive a boat, and was seriously gonna put more money up front to get a large SUV. But Mazda did some magic and from 2002 on, the V6 just makes this minivan drives and handles like a car.

The biggest complaint out there are the ignition coil and spark plugs; but that's easily solved by a cheap $4 wrie dryer sprayed to the coil wire and cover to prevent water leaking in to damage those parts. Once that's done, there's practically nothing can be wrong with this car.

Oh BTW, it's very quiet inside too. I can barely hear my engine when I drive. Love it and will keep it forever and ever. Thanks Mazda!
I like to drive this car, been driving it for about 5 years. But it has some serious (idiotic) design problems:
-Transmission had to be completely replaced at 100,000Km. -Alternator is BELOW the car, I think front axle needs to be removed in order to remove alternator, sludge gets there easy.
-Oxygen sensors 4x, chronic problem - one of them is extremely difficult to replace. Generating engine trouble warnings on dashboard.
-Rear heater - pipes under car, originally made of steel, will rust out in few years - cause cooling liquid leak > engine overheating - there is no indication other then temperature gauge needle, easy to miss.
-Spare tire attached to bottom of the car by little crane, will rust out in few years, becoming unusable.
-Front light-left - bulb is very difficult to replace. Battery needs to be removed first etc
-Steering, vibration from road is felt - feels like unbalanced tires, but body is not vibrating only steering wheel.
Good part - I still like the drive (except the steering vibrations), never have had problems with engine, AC, electrical, electronics, brakes.
IF you must buy a van make sure its a nissian, or dodge, or toytoya
This car is great. The weather in Puerto Rico is terrible for the cars however, I have no complaints at all in this sense for my MPV. Another thing is the A/C system. It is pretty difficult and costly try to change the in-cabin A/C filters. Besides that, everything else is great.
I have replaced the 4 coil packs and spark plugs on three separate ocassions, other than these times I have the van, handles well and have no complaints
After we replaced the catalytic converter, the engine was working very nicely. We do have challenges with a fluttering type of noise, but this is a great older car and relatively reliable.
It takes a bit to get it started, so we may be purchasing a replacement for the starter next.
Great car but the engine needs coils and the pcv elbow to be replaced. They are a bad design. Interior, engine, and outside are great though. Handles well and plenty of power. Would buy again
good car for trips with the famly
We have owned this car since new, Have had some problems with plug wires and coils being replaced (2) and only 90k, but over all it has been a good van and would buy Mazda again
Over all I really like the car, I needed a van, that could fit in our drive way. Plus I always have at least 3 or 4 children with us.
the problems I have had with this car, the brakes never seemed right and we purchased the car new from Tasca. The electrical system has has some problems, two radios have been replaced and wire to the spark plugs have burned out. The dealer has been right on top of most of the problems and has bent over backwards to satisfy us.
I would buy another Mazada. That being said the everyday repairs you are better off going to your favorite service shop, when Tasca told me to fix my brakes was $84 per hour I almost fell down.