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Mazda B3000 (19 Reviews)
not the most powerfull or economic vehicule but still running good after all these years regular maintenance and care
This truck has been the best I have ever had . It has 105000 miles on it & I need only to put on a PCV valve. I need to know how to do that.
I use d same ford made for mazda as d one in d picture above. it is 2weels axle automatic transmission drive.
A very good truck, strong body fuel efficient good. Very stable and ballance espwcially when loaded with goods. My PROBLEM> Gear will nt shift unless i rev.high, after gear refuse to shift. I replace with a used transmission, it dose not perform. It only engage gear 1 and 2 only. please help help me. d
That is d only vehicle i have, and its been down for almost 2years now. my e-mail ID is
I reside in .NIgeria.
Awesome Truck (Troy Lee 2WD). Bought new, now have 240,000 miles still running strong. Regular maintenance and that's about it. As a previous review has said, "this truck owes me nothing." I only wish this truck was still being manufactured, there will come a day when Troy Lee will need to RIP and I have no idea what I will get in its place. Test drove Nissan Frontier and was not "thrilled" especially with a $34K price tag.
I have a Mazda B3000 2003 1st truck I ever owned and love it but the electrical was a problem. The battery it comes with doesn't put out enough so I had to mount a bigger better one & never had a problem since with the electrical. The gas tank has some weird collapsable hose that recently went out but other then those two things it's been great
I have a 1999 B3000. I bought the truck new. It now has over 220,000 miles on it. Runs great. I just replaced the original headlight 2 monnths ago. Last year I replaced the original battery. This truck owes me nothing. This was the best money I ever spent.
I own a truck identical to the one pictured, I bought it used in 1997 with under 40k miles. Since, I've driven it to +185k miles. I also had issues with starting, after a bad shop charged me +$500 while "parts changing", they finally changed the ECC relay and has been fine ever since. I installed a 3" body lift and 16" Crown Vic rims w/265-85 rubber(FYI-Explorer rims will fit also); put 4 leafs in the rear and F-150 springs in the front, looks a lot like a 4X4 now! Does 70+ mph shifting out of 3rd, half way through 4th the speedometer is useless (85+ mph); not brave enough to see where it ends in 5th that high up. Awesome little truck, had to replace the normal items: battery, brakes, alternator, clutch, water pump, belt and a/c compressor. Still get around 26 mpg average on the freeway; under 60 mph - 15 mpg into the wind, 35+ with it (wrong gears for those tires).
I purchased a Mazda B3000 in 2004. Since day one I have had sporadic staring problems. Every once in a while when I turned the key to start it nothing would happen. After trying a few times it would finally engage. Took it to the dealer during the warranty period and it would work fine. It does not appear to make a difference warm or cold the same thing would happen. Is this a starter or ignition problem?
Well i have a Mazda B3000 Year 2000 bought it new as of today it has 289000 and it runs great. Most of the truck still original other than the alternator battery brakes and shocks i did burn a ECM at about 150000 miles got it replaced with one from a junkyard, it gives me a good mpg on the hwy. but it also helps that i drive like a grandmother but if there is no rushed why speed? im very happy with my truck and very sad that Mazda stoped production, i found the Ford Ranger very weak and they dont make them on 6 cyl so i will keep driving my truck and will never sell it hopefully one day it will reach a million miles
I bought this truck in the middle of 2006 for $150. There was about $200 put into after webought it.Since then, we put over 60k on it and it still runs beautifully. The only major issue we've had was the fuel pump. It's gotten to the point of too much rust but makes a great field runner, even for a 2WD. I would highly recommened this for any person looking for a first vehicle. That or a 1994 Ford Ranger (same difference).
truck is old now it has never had a problem. I have always hated that mazda (ford) has placed a regulater on the engine to keep it from performing to its best. Lately as soon as it heats up the engine kills and it won't restart until it cools off half an hour later. what's up
Bought this truck new in 2000. I now have 165000 miles on it and it runs most excellent. Been through eleven Minnesota winters and still looks good.
i bought my 1999 Mazda B3000 Cab Plus 4 Troy Lee in may of last year.... so far this truck has proved itself 10 times over.... it is dark green and had some hail dents in the hood and top, but since i live in oklahoma of course there r a lot of hail storms come thru here and after one particularly bad hail storm a couple months ago,, it now has a whole new hood and is lookin great... it had 61,300 miles when i bought it and now has 74,000... i am very pleased with this truck and plan on driving it till the wheels fall off :)
We bought this truck off the showroom floor. It has 120,000 miles on it and we have had no trouble whatsoever with it. Besides a couple of minor recalls that were fixed immediately and at no cost to us, we have been extremely happy with this vehicle. For a few years it was our "family car" and was driven exclusively. For the last several years it has been my husband's commuter vehicle.
Bought it with 176,xxx miles, runs great good gas milage, everything works on it.
decent truck
Overall, this is an exellent truck. But like everything, it has its limits. When we tried to tow a 91 Mazda B-2600i. We ripped off the right side bumper mount. But it was a cheap fix. Now we use it for a field truck due to some "mis-manufacturing". But it was a great truck and still is. I would highly recommened one of these little strong trucks.
Nice little trucks!
Best pick up to have!!