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Mazda MX-6 (7 Reviews)
love it. you will tooo. i promise you.
had front brakes installed. bled brakes , removed master cylinder and cleaned it out . pedal still goes to floor. my mechanic told me master cylinder needs to be replaced and other mechanic that gave me 2nd opinion and cleaned master cylinder told me master cylinder was good but could not figure it out . he also bled brakes and problem is still the same. looks like new brake pads are still stuck on rotors but pedal still goes to floor . I,m in desparate need of help here. can anyone help me on this issue?
My mazda mx6 was running well until last week when i went to change gear into drive it turned off. it turns on ok and when i change gear it turns off took it to the shop and they dont know whats wrong with it ! somebody know what can be wrong ?
Awesome Car!!! I have a turboed mx6 and it moves
i think its a great car.the distributors ignitor goes at 60-80k ,but the replacement ones last longer
I actually have a 1988 model and it has been a great car. I bought it used 1 year ago from a meticulous owner who recorded every gasoline purchase and kept the vehicle garaged. It is fun to drive, quick up to speed, feels very sporty driving, solid body, good paint life, very comfortable seats, ergonomic, way ahead of its time at the time. It is completely dead right now but my battery was very corroded as well as the battery cables. Really not the cars fault.
I had my Mazda MX6 for a long time and generally loved it. The interior body styling was very modern and ergonomic, especially when comparing it to other cars of the same age. The leather seat were really comfortable. The V6 motor was plenty powerful and generally reliable. My MX-6 needed the auto repair shop more often than a Honda or Toyota, but it was still pretty reliable, and I didn't have any repairs that were very expensive. The brakes worked great, except that I always seemed to warp the brake rotors after a while, so I had some high-performance drilled rotors installed, which were only a little more $ than the stock ones. Those helped A LOT, and I didn't get any vibrations after that. One thing about the brakes, if you need to replace the master cylinder, don't let the shop use a reconditioned part; make them put a new one in. I had 3 (!) reconditioned ones fail, and it was a nightmare, with my brakes freezing on in the middle of nowhere. I marked down the drivetrain a little because while the manual 5 speed transmission was reliable, it had a clunky feeling to it - never liked that transmission. Also the sliders for the heater and air conditioning temperature control on the dashboard didn't really work right, so basically the heat was on or off, without much ability to adjust it to a comfortable "middle" setting. All in all though, I enjoyed this car a lot. The motor was reviewed in the automotive press as one of the best and smoothest V6s ever made, and it was a pleasure to drive the manual 5 speed on curvey roads. My favorite was 3rd gear, which would pull all the way up from 15mph to 60mph. Fun! Also, the styling seems to age well, and still looks good all these years later. Great car.