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New fuel pump and fuel to injection rack
New relays all of them
New cap and roter
And sensor under it
New crank sensor
New coil
Sometimes have to start in drive
driving home Friday night and I turn on my headlights to notice I don't have my dashboard display lights working, next day also found out my taillights were out, replace fuse 8 on my indoor box and have taillights but still no dashboard display lights.
I just bought a 93 Dodge Dakota Le it has a 3.9l v6 Magnum and it will turn over and it has great compression but it won't​ get power to the coil I just replaced the distributor cap and pickup coil and checked to see if it has any bare of broken wires anywear and there ain't any and it's still doing the same thing
It turns over but won't start. Have replaced the PCM, distributor cap and rotar, ignition module, ignition coil and crank sensor. Still no luck. Thoughts or ideas?
was shifting hard in andout of first when hot then nothing in gear also until cool
I do not have ac compressor is bypassed.. heat works well-- problem is the vents start blowing hot air-- even at night when it is cool outside, at times it does not happen - same happens with wipers, they are working fine the next minute they stop
turn the key on, has fire to coil for a second, when cranked no fire to coil. does it have anything to do with the automatic shutdown relay?
cranked. fuel pump works fine. does it have anything to do with the automatic shutdown relay?
I just changed out my serpentine belt with a brand new one, new tensioner, pulleys and belt as old one skipped. Now the new one is skipping as well. why?
Just need to make sure before I go buy one
It has new plug wires plugs cap rotor new injectors but don't have the get up and go it should tell it hits about 2600 rpm than it puts u back in the seat and when I changed the injectors the check eng light went out for about 2 weeks than this weekend it came back on and was missing on one cylinder any ideas oh and today the check eng light went out and it stoped missing but still no low-end power thanks for any info
Squeeks really badly when clutch pedal is fully pressed but will not disengage.
My truck will crank but will not start. It is getting plenty of fuel. We have replaced the battery, ignition coil, crank sensor and still will not start when temps are below 30 degrees. Once the temps rise above 30 degrees it will start. When we go to see if it gets spark by pulling #1 plug wire it will start but by then the temps are high enough that it will start.
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