Worn Front Bushing on Rear Lower Control Arm Can Cause Noiseon Honda Civic

A worn (front) bushing on the rear lower control arm can cause a noise when going over bumps. Replacing the worn bushing should stop the noise.

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Average mileage : 133,370 (125,000–150,112)
2 Years Affected: 2001, 2002
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2002 Honda Civic125,000
All bushings in the lower control arm were dry rotted out and had to get new bushings pressed in. I wasn't able to get a control arm with the bushings pre-installed, that would have made it a lot cheaper and easier.
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2001 Honda Civic150,112
Noisy 'clunk' when going over bumps - brought it to mechanic & it's been verified that it's the control arm. Fairly expensive, so haven't repaired it yet.
2002 Honda Civic125,000
i replaced the control arm bushing. do yourself a favor and buy the press from blue point and do it yourself.
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