Dodge Ram 2500 Problem Report

Dodge Ram 2500 Wipers and Turn Signals

(11 reports)
When switching on a turn signal, both lights flash or nothing happens. Wipers fail or work sporadically. There are on back order 4,000 of the parts required to fix this problem. I wish more people would report these problems to so that recalls can take place. -
turn signals; turn left signal on right side lights blink, turn on right signal left lights come on. Slam hands down on steering wheel and problem goes away. -
Blinkers work when they want to half the time and my wipers are now starting to do their own thing too. Plus my RPM gauge bounces around and doesn't read correctly. -
Wipers do their own thing no matter what you select. Sometimes wiggling the stalk will get it going. Its dangerous when you need high speed and can only get a quick delay. -
wipers only stopped in the rain and I turned them off and on again and they started jerking and stopping. The intermitting would not work at all. Right out of the blue go figure! (just glad it wasn't at night in the rain on a curve with deep ditches.) -
wipers dont work turn signals mess up then all the sudden everything is fine -
Blinkers go crazy -
Same same. -
no solution -
wipers quit working. replaced motor and complete switch. Nothing helps. -
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