Window may not roll up at times on Volkswagen Eos

An issue may develop where a window will not roll up after a short pulse down. Our technicians tell us this is a normal condition. Cycling the power door lock followed by the key switch will reset the programmer and restore proper window operation.

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Average mileage: 51,904 (10,800–96,456)
4 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
16 people reported this problem
9 people shared problem details
2007 Volkswagen Eos10,800
Passenger side window automatically goes to half down [Australian RH drive version]. I can 'switch' it fully up but after perhaps 20 seconds it goes to half down. I have cycled the PAX side door to ensure it was closed properly and that seemed to fix it, but this morning the locked car had PAX side window half down. I recycled the roof, and held the up window switch up for ~8 seconds iaw the book and hope I have fixed the issue.
2009 Volkswagen Eos38,000
power window will not go back up fully it only moves 1 inch up then stops, will go down and back up slightly so you go up 1 inch then down 1/4 inch then up 1 inch but it never makes it beyond maybe 3 inches max.
Windows open and close while driving. The automatic open when opening the door keeps repeating. I have to open the windows part way to make it stop.
2007 Volkswagen Eos80,000
My window is like 3 quarters o the way up but will not continue to roll up.
2007 Volkswagen Eos65,000
I got a new Switch and works good for a week I order another and works good for 10 days
2008 Volkswagen Eos36,000
never able to fix.
2007 Volkswagen Eos50,000
Passenger side window keeps falling down and does not stay up. I had it fixed at a dealership. A few months later, issue occurs again on occasion. Now window did not prompt down the 1/4 inch it does when the door opens, so it is stuck up and goes over its window frame the door is closed.
2008 Volkswagen Eos96,456
It's been happening for years, 3 maybe. It started in the summer and finally this winter started doing the same. It's so frustrating. Most of the time id hear 'we couldn't recreate the issue'. A few months ago the driver side window stopped working altogether. That was a few hundred bucks and it didn't fix the pulsing issue. Now I'm sitting here waiting bc the passenger window stopped working this weekend. I was able to put it up and turn the car off - but this morning the damn thing was open. It'll be almost $100 just to get it looked at.
2009 Volkswagen Eos58,000
Window down. Computer says it is up
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