Mercedes-Benz ML320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz ML320 Exhaust Leak From Front Catalytic Converter

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An exhaust leak may develop due to cracked welds on the front catalytic converter. Replacement of the catalyst is recommended; re-welding of the catalyst is discouraged because it is an emissions device.

Catalytic converter was replaced. Paid for by dealer, even though I was out of warranty. (apparently it was a known issue) -
loud noise when starting vehicle, sounds like a cheap motorcycle! Calling dealership today for an appointment. -
Not covered under recall, have not yet fixed problem. Thinking of welding. -
notice a noise getting louder. took it in to Mercedes dealership, 2 hairline cracks. one on each side. have not got repaired yet. -
Very expensive to replace!!! -
Driving on highway doing 80 mph when the engine light comes on and the car slows to 40 mph. Went to a local service station and was told that the real convertor cracked. Both back convertors now need to be repaired at a price of $430 each plus labor. -
all catalytic converters failed, without know reason or problem. regular scheduled maintenance performed on vehicle -
put put sound under car, passed emissions, took to Meta Motors for diagnosis, did not fix, sold car -
The passenger catalyctic converter is leaking and starting to leak in the driver's side giving a weird noise. -
center panel covering bubbles and is coming off. -
Couldn't afford to replace it. Did weld it. Now car w/143,000 miles on it and check engine light due to emissions! -
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