Chevrolet Monte Carlo Problem Report

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Engine Overheating Due to Water Pump Leak

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The water pump may develop a coolant leak resulting in an engine overheating condition.

started running a little past half way would bounce 2 lines below and then 2 lines past middle. then started getting hotter when sitting at a light. then will start to squeal and then I went to pass someone doing bout 55 and poof white cloud of smoke out the hood -
Water pump failed and may have been leaking for quite some time -
Water pump leaking. -
My low coolant light is on and stay on ,but I have plenty coolant in it, -
problem was kept overheating replace water pump -
car overheated took it " ALL BEACH BODY " in Jax Beach hose from water pump to manifold has a nice size hole, shop mgr said rough estimate maybe around $400-$500 at $95 an hr labor rate! -
I am so frustrated I had my water pump replaced and flushed was cool for a whole and then started over heating I have car less than a year I love my car it's so beautiful and I take pride in it but I have so many problems and it is worse reading all the problems everyone else has :( tonight driving home temp was never real hot but started making a weird sound and now I think I blew my engine I am super bummed I hope that isn't the problem having checked tomorrow. Ahoe for the best. -
My monte Carlo has the same exact problem. Also I have an hard time keeping the car from overheating. I ve changed the water pump and radiator as well and still cant seem to get the problem under control. Also I have difficulties cranking my car. As if my car has a kill switch. -
Not fixed yet. May not be depending on the cost. -
Fuel pressure regulatory and waste pump went out. -
Water pump replaced, went out. -
I had known that my radiator was rotted out and needed to be replaced at 90000 miles but I did not have the money to buy it so I just got a coolant flush and my car stopped overheating. 1.5 yrs later same problem, car overheating again. I got another coolant flush and it did the trick about 2 weeks after that I put the pedal to the floor and went all the way up to 5500 rpm. A few minutes later my car was overheating and I smelled coolant. I took it to the shop, I had blown the water pump and intake manifold because there was too much pressure in the system because of the rotted out radiator creating a lot of restriction. Total repair bill was $1357 which according to this website is a bargain. Painful lesson learned. -
Water pump required replacement at 100000 miles. Car was overheating -
my car keeps running hot an the collant is leaking out of water pump it sprays all up onder my hood. -
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