Pontiac Grand Prix Problem Report

Pontiac Grand Prix Engine Overheating Due to Water Pump Leak

(25 reports)

The water pump may develop a coolant leak resulting in an engine overheating condition.


car overheated, radiator flushed,now I need a head gasket repair -
My water pump has gone bad twice. Once around 100k miles and again at 140k -
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...ms. About a month ago the car was overheating, i took it to a shop and was told i needed a new water pump from a visual inspection. i saw the antifreeze was low. i replenished the antifreeze and had t...
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im leaking coolant right behind the big pulley towards the bottom of the car is that the water pump i cant tell when im under the car.. its poors out when car is cranked and it its hard to tell...
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