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Dodge Dakota Water leak from roof seam

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A water leak from the roof seam at the rear of the cab can look like the windshield seal is leaking at the upper corners. If the water leak is not from the windshield, the roof seams and fasteners holes should be sealed.

I have a Dakota 93 Extended Cab 381 LE first the paint , then ABS light , water pools on passenger side floor board , I just paid 800 to "fix leak", 1357.00 on new interior, carpet , stereo, rained like Hell in Kansas City last night.......guess what wet on pass floorboard. I am at wit's end. I also never got any recall notices since I bought the damn thing in 93. HELP, JIM -
leaks at weatherstriping -
Yes I have the same problem from the back of the roof The rear window -
Leaks Like hell, floor mats we and have to put a rag into 'B' post to catch the rain water -
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