Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord Water Leak Due to Plugged AC Drain

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A water leak on the passenger floor can be caused by a clogged AC evaporator drain.

Every time I turned right in the summer -- whether or not the air conditioning was on -- water would pour over my right foot. Hard on the Stuart Weitzmans. I didn't fix it as the car is 13 years old. -
Water would drain inside the car on the passenger side. Took in to dealership and was told this was normal. Decided to take it back and had another person take a look at the leakage and it was due to a plugged drain. -
HVAC water leak. Soaked passenger side floor. Sloshing heard from behind dash when turning. Brought to dealer and they cleaned out drain tube. Attempting to have dealer clean carpet as the carpets stink due to dirty water. -
Back seat floor is wet. -
Water leaks on passengers foot -
Water is in the rear passenger seat floor - -
Saw water on the floor mat on the passenger side. Took it to shop and was unplugged in seconds. Haven't had a problem since. Now at 138000 miles -
Plugged evaporator system clogged. -
Took apart and cleaned drain and stinky mold stuff out of drain. -
right turn cause warm water to spill on my right foot, sometimes it was hot and I have bare feet in summer. tried to find the exit tube to clean it out with wire hanger, could not find it, had to take it to shop, they did it no problem since -
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