Water Leak Due to Plugged AC Drain on Honda Accord

A water leak on the passenger floor can be caused by a clogged AC evaporator drain.

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Average mileage: 113,191 (10,000–243,000)
8 model years affected: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, more1999, 2007, 2011, 2013
26 people reported this problem
18 people shared problem details
1994 Honda Accord197,278
i just bought my 1994 honda accord ex a couple weeks ago..i had to replace both of the fans due to my car kept getting hot. so now it fine and just 4 days ago water started leaking from the driver side right next to the gas pedal..and now it is on the passenger side..on the right side and left side of the glover compartment. why is it jumpin from place to place..would it still just be my Evaporator Drain, or could something else be affecting it also? because the condensation is making my car have a real bad odor?
1994 Honda Accord165,000
A/C Condensation dripping on passenger floor carpeting. Web Forum suggested that evaporator drainage could be clogged up and that blowing pressurized air into drain hose and into evaporator housing could remove the clog. The drainage hose can be seen at the very bottom of the evaporator’s lower housing (passenger side). Warning: have a towel ready and place it underneath the hose. I removed the hose and I blew pressurized air into the hose and then into the evaporator assembly. As soon as air was blown into evaporator assembly, the plug was released and a lot of water came out. Good thing I had the towel handy. Keep in mind the ECM (computer) sits right underneath where the water will come out. You don’t want water falling on the ECM or any of the electrical connectors down there. I think the clog was caused by foam that falls off the ventilation doors found inside the evaporator assembly. As the vehicle ages, this foam will rot and especially when you set the fan speed to ‘3’ or ‘4’ the stuff will be blow off the doors and some of it will work its way to the bottom of the assembly causing the problem. Easy fix. Need monitoring.
2007 Honda Accord53,000
Back seat floor is wet.
1995 Honda Accord80,000
Water leaks on passengers foot
1996 Honda Accord98,000
Saw water on the floor mat on the passenger side. Took it to shop and was unplugged in seconds. Haven't had a problem since. Now at 138000 miles
1994 Honda Accord150,000
cheap fix, but but very annoying to have water pouring onto your feet while turning(mainly) started on passenger side and eventually made it to drivers side floor
1997 Honda Accord121,144
Every time I turned right in the summer -- whether or not the air conditioning was on -- water would pour over my right foot. Hard on the Stuart Weitzmans. I didn't fix it as the car is 13 years old.
2007 Honda Accord50,000
Car is parked in garage , on a very humid day the floor is covered with water.
Water is on my passenger side rear floor jus a little bit pass the seat on both sides
1996 Honda Accord243,000
Water from AC Evaporator not draining from drain tube. A lot of water leaking into passenger side floor. Blew out drain tube at 150,000 (outside of car by firewall passenger side) and this fixed problem. Now leaking again at 243,000. Will blow out again but my guess is that the evaporator core (outside) is probably dirty and would like to clean it. Looks like removing the dash would be the only way to access, but not really sure that, even if I gain access to the assembly, I would be able to get to the core to clean it without taking it all apart, which I do not wish to break into the Freon.
1997 Honda Accord124,000
Water leaks on passenger side floor when using air conditioning occasionally
1997 Honda Accord10,000
Water would drain inside the car on the passenger side. Took in to dealership and was told this was normal. Decided to take it back and had another person take a look at the leakage and it was due to a plugged drain.
2013 Honda Accord30,568
HVAC water leak. Soaked passenger side floor. Sloshing heard from behind dash when turning. Brought to dealer and they cleaned out drain tube. Attempting to have dealer clean carpet as the carpets stink due to dirty water.
2007 Honda Accord49,000
Water is in the rear passenger seat floor -
Plugged evaporator system clogged.
1995 Honda Accord176,000
Took apart and cleaned drain and stinky mold stuff out of drain.
havent truly found soloution yet will blow out tomorrow I vaccumed over 2 gallons of water out of the carpet last night. Both sides were soaked. I cleaned tube and it did no good, I wonder if there are 2 tubes, we got alot of water
right turn cause warm water to spill on my right foot, sometimes it was hot and I have bare feet in summer. tried to find the exit tube to clean it out with wire hanger, could not find it, had to take it to shop, they did it no problem since
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