Dodge Neon Problem Report

Dodge Neon Water Leak Due to Plugged AC Drain

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If there is a water leak into the passenger side of the interior, under the dash panel, it may be the HVAC housing drain is plugged or restricted.

water leak on passenger side under dash when A/C on. Eventually blower motor went bad. -
Every time it rains the passenger side fills up with water -
Dodge Neon rain water seems to come from under dash and collects on passenger floor. During hard rains, comes into driver's side floorboard. Last week, water appeared in both doors' speakers. Have been to two windshield places and two dealers and noone can find a problem. Still not fixed. -
Water sloshes inside dash when making turns, accelerating, or decelerating. Water dripping on passenger side floor. -
inside of dodge neon carpets are flooding water pouring onto floor from under dash. ruined my floors. -
same problem, not fixed.... would like to know how to get fixed -
passenger side front floor board wet don't know where the water was coming from. -
just bought the car and noticed it, the person i got it from took it to her mechanic. he blew the line out with air compressor .... no problems since,,,,so far -
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water gets in passenger's side cabine. floor, right side.
It rained last night I went through a puddle of water couldn't avoid it a slow speed and parked...

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