Volkswagen Passat Problem Report

Volkswagen Passat Water From Clogged Sun Roof Drains May Damage Control Modules

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Clogged sunroof drains can allow water to enter the interior and accumulate under the carpet where various control modules are mounted. Over time, the accumulated moisture can damage the control modules.

also had the inside of my passat flooded...found drivers side rear drain hose for sunroof kinked between some metal section in the fender opened that but still getting small amounts of water when it rains real hard.... replaced trans. control module under drivers side carpetand got the car to start and run but still need to find the comfort module and replace it so i can get my windows to work....if anyone can help me with that...i would appreciate any info anyone can give me... -
Leaked to the passenger side module and car ran like crap. I got that fixed, sort of. The transmission still shifts rough. The driver's side module got wet about 6 mos. later and I lost interior lights, central locking sys., etc. which I have not fixed because to cost is prohibitive. The car is only worth 4k. I can not believe this car was designed by German engineers. My dog could have done better.... -
My module malfunctions. Drain under car battery clogged and flooded module located on the driver's side floor. One by one things have stopped, power sunroof, gas door latch, remote start, heated/power mirrors, vw key malfunctions etc. I think VW should recall and fix the problem. POOR DESIGN...WHAT WERE THEY THINKING !!!!! I found where I can get a new one online...cost about $300.00. -
Had this occur 5 yrs back. Entire computer ($5K repair bill)system "flooded". Shocked to learn as have car regularly cleaned; luckily covered under insurance policy. Furious that VW tried to blame me. Filed complaint on-line with NHTSA. -
Water under carpet drivers side. -
TCI transmission controll module destroyed by massive water leaks, Water leaking in the passenger side soaking the contents of the glove box collecting in the rear floor pan. It will be the sunroof drains clogged or a drain under the battery or both. The tci is $1400 farfagnugen you !!!! -
haven't fixed it yet. at a loss to know what to do. car is dead in the water, so to speak. car was flooded front and rear seats, body control module is shorted. vacummed the water out and shoved the car in the garage. I don't have $$$ to fix. Shouldn't VW recall these cars and fix these drains and components? -
The car will not start -after heavy rain - clogged drains in sunroof cause leakage to inside of car to control module, -
Complained of rug being wet on driver side since got car- been in shop 2 weeks still not fixed. Think I got a lemon -
water leak from the clogged sunroof drain into the passenger vizor and on the floor -
Roof leaked and comfort module stopped working. No windows, no interior lights, sunroof won't open or close. -
the interior of the car STINKS!!! We have ripped up the carpet and found mold. Cleaned the interior again and again but it still stinks. I think this must be the problem!! -
my 2000 passat also has leak problem from the sun roof, and now my instrument cluster and my brake lights do not work. -
My car flooded last week and is in the shop. The control modules were flooded and were not working when I took it in. Yet to be verified where the leak is but the water was behind the glove box area, may be clogged drain there an/or the sun roof which may also have been leaking. -
ruin my cpu -
Window left open and rain got into control module, just replaced the box, now there's a wire that prevents from starting without jump -
same problem no solution yet -
Water leaks from my roof top down the left side of my dcar. -
Have had heavy rain of late, I work from home so in fact dont actually drive my car frequently. Got in the car 3 days after heavy rain to hear sloshing of water behind and under drivers seat (floor of drivers side passenger area). Had heavy dew on interior side of windshield with water seemingly focused on the floor or drivers side passenger area. Checked the ususal culprites, the drain hoses on left and right side, opened sunroof looked at drains, removed battery and battery tray..all these areas bone dry and free from clog causing contaminants that I could see. Also found that window controls, door lock control, wouldnt start, then the following day the car would not start at all. Battery is relatively new, newly purchased in June (it's mid October now). Borrowed a shop vac and sucked out as much water as I could and just about filled the 9-gallon capacity. focussed vac hose on area about vent nozzle on floor (presumably for climate system) and seemed to be able to suck an additional gallon or so. Tried starting the car and it immediately started and I drove it from the curb into the driveway and still heard water sloshing sound, so there is presumably a quantity still down there that I cannot readily reach without gutting the upholstery and other innards of the interior which might be a task above my pay grade. With the usual suspect hoses looking clear and free from blockage I'm still left unsure about where the leak and the waters point on ingress into the interior is coming from. Heavy moisture laden smell now rules and it's now fall where I am sure to be subject to a lot of rainy days before the icy cold winter descends upon us. -
It rain alot one day and I found water in my passenger side. The car is now very sluggish when starting out. It used to have get up and go. I soaked up all the water. My check engine light stays on and it doesn't feel like its shifting. -
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