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Transmission oil, Brake Fluid, Antifreeze and Power Steering drain & replace. "not to include Engine oil".
Although it drives fine in auto mode when I shift to manual it will not and will remain in auto; also the gears will not display in the dash. I am suspecting selenoid???
I had to shut the air off and when I turned it back on it was cold again, but a few minutes later got warm again. Stopped to repair shop they said the pressure was good. I decided to find a place tomorrow that has a c...
The first message was "Gear Selector Service Required." Then I got the message "Transmission Service Urgent" and the "Check Engine" light went on. Then the gear stuck in neutral and I couldn't remove the key. The ...
A Gear Selector Service message appears on my dash board of my Volvo v50 when the ignition is started on occssion. Is this a recall service?