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Brought it to a mechanic who reported the following after running an ABS Diagnostic Service Test: Inspect and record fault codes stored in Abs System. Codes: Message displayed "brake failure stop safely" ABS Light on...
when replace struts volvo s60 2007reg need reset computer on the car or not,just onconnect old ones and connect new ones? Thanks
smoked after blown fuse..try to turn off..keeped turning,,now replaced fuse,, will not start,,..
When you turn steering colmumn, the car will crank....acts like it is a short inns the steering column....
Is this reasonable and what is a reasonable estimate. The car drives fine..ie I am not having any issues that I can detect.
Mechanic said if I had a different car it could only take an hour or so. WTF??
was unable to turn the key past the first segment. locked and unlocked the steering wheel...turned it and attempted to turn key further. car is in park. Unable to move gear forward. Car just locked up. Power with firs...
the car has been leaking was told by mechanice months ago need new raditor but it wasn't leaking bad. Now it's leaking bad and i was wondering if i could put stop leak in the expansion tank without causing harm.
Hello to all, I have a 2007 S60T5, on which I just installed a high-flow intake from Eurosport Tuning. I drove the car with no problem for 2 days, after which check engine light and MAF code 101 appeared. I re-checke...
Does anyone know how to adjust the sunroof? Mine has the right front corner that pops up when driving and causes noise inside the car. my email is ghenrie@imfi.net
Is there a remedy for the wheel rubbing against the body of the car while turning? I have heard this is a common problem on all S60 R models. Do narrower tires work?