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Just had the software updated and before fixed the valve body on the tranny. After i got updated from the dealer it lasted good for two days then the first time I hit the freeway and went over 80mph it occurred again.
There is a p0103 code. How do I isolate the problem? Have replaced the MAF Sensor twice in the past 3 months. It's better for a short time but then returns to sluggish/stuttering on med to hard acceleration especially...
I have just picked up my car and on the way home driving on the highway, I accelerated to <3000 rpm, and as it hit the 3k rpm it lurked.
it still runs good no problem, just having problems putting gas
Seems as the longer you drive the worse it gets. Now it display's Check Transmission display as well as check engine light plus in the middle of those two lights it has a triangular light lit.
Can anything "BAD" happen to the engine components or the engine it self?
will replacing it solve the intermittent circuit problem? trouble code P2407 check engine light came on yesterday.
rear door drivers side
How are the horns replaced? Do I need to remove the grill and how is it done?
s60 wouldn't start so added distilled water to battery, jumped car, drove around for 30 minutes and parked it. after 5 or 10 minutes heard either a sizzling sound or like water running-- found nothing them smelled rub...
i am looking to have my timing belt replaced and would like to know if there are other things that can be replaced at the same time to avoid additional labor costs. I have 135000 miles.