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hi i have a vovlo s60 diesel engine and every time i want to change gears only wennstrom starting off the čar fumes and jesrks off diagonisis shows 0083 vehicle speed sensor signál too low 5310 communication probl...
I have a 2004 S60 with 135k on it and I have maintained it regularly, using independent shops in the Denver Area for large jobs requiring special tools and have also made several electrical system repairs to it myself...
lid is two piece. Mine is the plastic part with license plate holder
A fan continues to run when the car is off . In the dash area .kills the battery overnight
New tires an alignment/balance done. Tie Rods will soon need to be replaced. What else would cause a low humming whoop-whoop at low speeds... an a vibrations at 60 to 70 mph?
my engine vibrate when brakes applied to slow down the vehicle
the transmission shifting and everthing working ok no defectcs in shifting
very hard to start in the morning,once started runs and start like new.the garage changed the gas pump and filter,then the fuel rail and injector,still no luck problem not fix.All that under waranty cause i just boug...
need diagram so i can tap into switch wire for reverse back up camera to switch to video mode displaying rear camera when i put car into reverse! Thx