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car makes a hum noise when taking off an after every gear change but goes away after you reach a certain speed.
The front of my volvo S60 appears to have failed. I was driving and I began to hear a rubbing sound on the front tire, driver side. I stopped the car and pushed on the hood it did not move, however when I attempted to...
Last night I heard the beginning of what I've learned should be a hard clicking noise from my front while making a turn. If it is my CV joints I want to change them out myself. Is there anything I need to know that m...
what is the reason for the light to come on?
i was told it should be done at 100,000 miles ?????
My 2001 Volvo S60 air conditioner works great for 5 to 15 minutes, pumping plenty of cold air, but then it starts blowing warm, "humid" smelling air. If I turn it off for a few minutes, it will work again, and the cyc...
I need a good rack and pinion but where is the best place or internet site to purchase it?
The power seat on the driver side move by itseft. There is a constant clicking noise inside the dashboard n the driver side. Changed the seat's switch but the clicking continues and the seat still does the same.
I get a humming noise while taking off at a slower speed, then the humming increases as the speed does. I have change out both wheel hub assembly thinking that would solve my problem, but it didn't.
Rattlings when accelerating above 35mph. If coasting at high speeds, no issues. Is it my transmission, bushings, or ETM...or something else altogether. The car is at 96,000 miles.
My heater core is leaking onto the drivers side floor. What is the cost to repair?
my sunroof wont open on my 2001 volvo s60 i have checked all the fuses,,
my sunroof wont work and i have checked all the fuses
Hi, I got "check engine" light on. I went to Sears/Kmart to check and they gave me the code as P0456/Emission Leak. Can someone help me to explain what it is problem? How to fix and someone has similar issue on VOLVO...