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The car has 87,000 miles. It is super clean inside and out.
had car problems got that code and trying to figure out what it means
every time i warm up my volvo it begins to hesitate then it turns off, whats wrong?
I was on the interstate when my car gradually started to slow down. So when i finally came to a stop. The car died. It dont start right up. Starts after an hour of hitting the gas. And the RPM want go over 3. Only go ...
Hi, frustating situation! replaced 4 & 5 coils, 3 times all in one month! what is wrong, new spark plugs, new battery. Need info. spent too much money and need advise asap. thank you. not aftermarket parts too.
How to set the timing
How to remove vallve cover
I just brought my car in for and oil change and I was told I needed new rear sway bar links.
The car ventilation heater fan makes a noise like it is rubbing or a bearing is failing. How much will it cost to replace the fan?
Is it okay to drive until I can get the car to the shop? The car is running cool and not overheating.
I have water in my power steering oil and need to flush and change with new oil
Along with my timing belt on my 2001 volvo s60, what else should be replaced.?? The tensioner or idler? also is that called camshaft belt idler and belt tensioner?
I test drove a 2001 Volvo S 60 and the dealer said the overheat sensor was broken and the cars gage was just stuck on overheat; the engine seemed to be running hot. Is this a major problem?