And the coolant fluid steams out. The radiator fans doesn't come on

Replacing fuses isn't working now pulled all fuses and replaced also when I start the car it doesn't want to start til I pump the gas already replace the battery and the alternator

Hesitation on acceleration then viberation.

It says that the Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold on bank 1.
I wanted to know what steps to take to fix this trouble code

I can get the car to Stewart using starting fluid but won't stay running.

Wife started car air didn't work. Told her to try again 30min it began working. What is going on with this car?

I found a sensor that looks like it, but it only has 2 wires whereas the camshaft sensor has 3. Nowhere on the internet can I find the sensor. Can somebody post a pic of where it is located please? Thank you!

Noticed that my Engine goes off when I'm in a hold-up. What could be the likely cause and Resolution please

Not hot air is or any air at all is coming out of the car's vents.