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Is their a terminal for #5s coil ?on the power stage if so how do I check that particular one.
How do you connect up the wiring for the mirror? Is it ok just to not connect it?
Cannot see way to get old ones off--do not want to break the clips holding them on.
Headlights do not come on--other lights front and rear seem fine. Fuses checked--and are OK. Have looked around and see there is a relay, or possibly a switch at fault. Any idea on prices for either of these jobs? ...
Not done transmission for 40K and wonder if I should try it myself. Am not a great mechanic.
Following recent repair mechanic placed air pump/cooling fan relay on top of the battery--where it now sits??? I find this odd. The relay is now making a high-pitched whining sound nearly all the time. Does this mea...
..960. Cost $1600! Have now driven ab. 300 miles and still 4 things on the test gauge show up negative. Mechanic keeps telling me it's because it's a European car. Is this true?
When i reach over 60 mph it acts like its down shifting or trying to change gears. it is really rough like a jerking of the car. As soon as you go below 60 it stops
code indicate my volvo 969 1997 has evaparitive emission system problem.. mechanic suggested to change gas cap and performed the task but code still appears after he's reset code. how the 960 1997 evap emission look l...
When I push softly on the brake to slow down, the steering wheel shakes. It does not do it of I push hard or stop quickly.
I have a 1997 Volvo 960 and the tail light housing has melted and i cant replace the bulb. How can i replace the housing? The outer lens is fine.
OIL LEAKING-under car passenger side-smoke under hood=was told try replace head gasket or valve cover gasket- what do you recomend? Very limited funds had gotten breast cancer again- back to work recently- All I have...
My car is locking and unlocking by itself and then the alarm goes off! what is going on?