Does anyone else have this problem.

where is the high side pressure valve the low side is easy enough to see but so far an unable to locate the high side thank you

the volvo is a late 93 there is oil on top of the engine and under the plastic volvo cover its all in the spark plug cylinders.... im thinkin its the valve cover gasket but i dont know how hard it would be to remove them and if it just isnt the oil cap i need a repair book or some one tlk me through the steps if that is possible its my only vehicle it still runs but i need help

the location the powertrain control module

My Car revs when I stop at stop light, the tachometer seems to rev up. why is that?

I am in need of the diagram for installing camshaft

the a/c fan is not coming on at all, even when the climate control temp is set to a higher temp