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I've had this car 22 years...car shifts fine its an automatic. I had the trans fluid changed 4 months ago, sound just returned.
Vehicle has been sitting for a little over a year after I ran out of money for repairs. Now I have the money but I cannot get the car to start. Charged the battery numerous times but that does not help. There is no cr...
ran out of gas. I can use starting fluid to get it started but won't stay running. I replaced cap,roter,plugs.Thanks for your help
There is not enough clearance. Do I have to lift the engine up?
transmission fluid low, what type fluid to add?
transmission fluid is low. Need to add some. what kind??
how do you change a license bulb in a 1993 240 Volvo
where can i get this done, volvo sevice says they can't weld, would have to replace cat convertor